How To Download Music Videos

6 Different Ways You Can Download Music Videos

Sometimes one can be in an area with no internet connection and need to stream live music. You can also be in a room with a free Internet connection, and you want to download music videos to listen to and watch at home. Other times you want to go offline and take a break from the world, which does not mean it will be all quiet for you. You can be offline and still enjoy beautiful music. If you find yourself in either situation, do not let them keep you from listening to music. There are a variety of ways available online to download music from and listen offline.

1. From Websites

Many websites have music video download services that are legal. MP3 juices, Audio Mack, Soundcloud, Jamendo, Bandcamp, and Amazon differ in features, making them unique. Taking an example of Soundcloud, which is essentially a streaming service, you can find a free music download if the artist has allowed it. However, major music labels and artists prohibit websites from offering free music downloads; therefore, you can only live stream. However, some have provided free music and video download for years to listen to offline after getting an excellent collection.

2. YouTube Music Downloader

There are video downloaders for YouTube to search any video from YouTube and convert it to audio. YouTube music has a new tool to search for lyrics, meaning you do not need to know a song for you to find it. An example of a video downloader for YouTube is the, where you copy the music or song video, then copy, paste, and finally, download it. The advantages of this method are that it is quick, and you can choose the quality and format of the songs you are downloading. However, the songs are for personal use only, and distributing them goes against copyright and the law.

An advantage of using YouTube Music downloaders is that you can switch between videos and audio easily. Also, there are various music formats from YouTube, going from live performances, albums, singles, and covers. For YouTube Music Premium, you need to sign up first to enjoy the service.

There is a free trial at first and then afterward a monthly subscription. Its advantage over the original YouTube app is that you can listen to music while the screen is locked, making it an exciting and fun way to download your music videos.

3. Use of Streaming Services

The most common streaming services are Spotify, Google Play Music, and Apple Music which all have download options. Most of them work on all platforms like Android, Mac, Windows, and iOS. It is simple and easy to download music from streaming services.

However, one disadvantage of these streaming services is that you can only listen to or watch music videos from the app; you cannot transfer or save the music to your music library. Also, you need to be a premium user to enjoy the services. To become a premium user, pay a fee, although there are usually free trials of up to 30 days while others go up to four months for you to try the service first.

4. Use of Video to MP3 Downloaders

Many websites offer this service. Similar to a YouTube music downloader, you get to choose the quality and format of the music you want. It is also a fast way of downloading songs and videos.

Different ways available online to download music

5. Online Music Stores

Online music stores are made to download music. The most common music store is iTunes which has a different format from MP3 in terms of sound quality and file format. In terms of pricing, they are pretty much the same. For iTunes, it works best on Apple platforms but performs poorly on Windows devices. However, Amazon downloads MP3 files and copies them to a location of your choice, such as Windows Media Player, where you can play your music at ease. Another example of an online music store is 7digital, a cheaper alternative and best for musicians trying to sell their music efficiently.

6. Noise Trade

Noise trade differs from other music download methods because it serves people who want to promote less known artists. Less-known artists get to offer their music videos for free or at a fee for supportive volunteers. It is an excellent way of downloading music as you get different styles and genres of music separately. Also, when you discover a new artist, there is a feature that helps you see who they sound like.

When looking for free music downloads, there are many legal options to choose from. These sites have over a million songs, playlists, videos, and artists, and outstanding features for you to discover new music. You can go for convenience to download your music and enjoy offline; you need to know where to look. However, before choosing any of the options, consider some of their disadvantages so you can enjoy your music without regrets.

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