Gutemberg dos Santos,

Do You Know Which Currency Is 6 Thousand Times More Valuable Than The Dollar?

1 BTC = 6,000 USD

Gutemberg Dos Santos is a Brazilian-American entrepreneur, he is one of the main promoters of the use of Blockchain technology and innovations that have a significant impact on the financial industry worldwide.

Gutemberg Dos Santos shows us his vision of the crypto economy future. ​For more information, check my website: ​

How did you know Bitcoin?

Since I was 17 I have been connected to the world of technology. Always having ideas for new technological development projects. It could be said that we both met 6 years ago, in a conversation with a group of enthusiastic developers, they taught me the speed and perfection of a new technology in the world of Peer to Peer transactions. It was a magical moment when I understood what Bitcoin was about and the technology behind it.

At that time I fell in love with the Blockchain technology and I knew that it did not only come to change the world of transactions, but also changes some other sectors of society such as the Government and private initiative.

Is Bitcoin a good investment?

In the world of business and investment, talking about a profitability of 20,000% is something that we all dream about, but for an asset to be that profitable, it depends on several factors; supply and demand, asset quality, and whether there is a scientific development behind them. An investor dreams of investing 10 dollars and in 7 years they will turn into 200,000 dollars. This dream came true for many people who believe that the future is the digital economy, leaving behind the world of paper

and centralized systems, by modern systems in which there is no need for an institution guaranteeing our transactions.

A lot has happened since the day I opened my first Bitcoin wallet, it is currently estimated that only .22% of the world population has the equivalent of 1 Bitcoin and only about 17 million Bitcoin have been mined. So I think that if we analyze this data in terms of investment, we have a long way to go and discover how far we can go.

There have been many ups and downs in both the value and the credibility of this digital currency. But beyond what we think today, Bitcoin has a higher value for more than 6 thousand times the value of the dollar and has reached a value of 20 thousand dollars breaking the record of any other currency or digital asset known in the modern era. That’s why I believe that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are the new digital Gold, and this has not been the result of chance.

Why do you say that Cryptocurrency is digital gold?

The answer is very simple, because of the science that supports it. I’m going to make an analogy with the dollar. The dollar is backed by the gold reserve of the United States, and Gold is backed by chemistry, it is a precious metal, its quantity is limited and its value is based on supply and demand. Now, cryptocurrencies are supported by mathematics and cryptography, exact sciences that are so precise that we cannot doubt them and also hav a limited number of 21 million in the case of Bitcoin; and its value is defined like gold, supply and demand. That’s why I say they are Digital Gold.

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What is behind Bitcoin?

Behind Bitcoin there is a totally revolutionary and disruptive technology called Blockchain; The true potential of this cryptocurrency is not its price, but its intrinsic value. It is the independence and freedom that gives it the great value it has, simply the ability with which each person has to make transactions without the need of an intermediary, creating a decentralized network of users which leads us to create new business forms.

Will Bitcoin be an exchange currency?

Current money is already old. Bitcoin is the best money that has been created, it is fast, global, cheap and we can send money anywhere in the world in seconds; paying a small part compared to current systems. It has a decentralized and transparent broadcast, its use is private, this is something that many of us love since our money does not have to be guaranteed by any institution and although it is managed in a private way, that is to say that my data cannot be seen, all transactions are public which allows us to track our movements at all times. Something we have to highlight is that it has a limited issuance, since its creator (Satoshi Nakamoto) put a limit on cryptocurrencies, there will only be 21 million of them. So if you ask me what if Bitcoin will be an exchange currency? my answer is yes.

Despite all that has been speculated, Bitcoin is sustained with significant value, but above all it retains a great intrinsic value that leads us to believe that it will increasingly take on greater strength and presence in the global economy; and with the great steps we take in the era of digitalization, cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology will be the technologies maintained at the end.

Why use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies?

Imagine riding on horseback and not in a car, or sending carrier pigeons instead of a whatsapp text; It would seem impractical for the modern world, don’t you think? I think we should take this analogy very seriously since Bitcoin and more cryptocurrencies were born on the internet, the digital world is their natural ecosystem, and the advantages they have can be compared to these changes that I mention.

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