Tips for Furnishing Your New Home
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5 Easy Tips for Furnishing Your New Home

Now that you have a new home, you’re hung ho to get going. All that space, just waiting to be filled up. Except you need to get this right. You want to showcase your personality, while keeping it warm. You want space, movement and warmth to fill the house, while ensuring that it is functional in the way all modern homes need to be.

Furnishing is sometimes one of the challenging tasks. Whether you have old pieces you’re carrying around or an entirely new set, everything must come together in a harmonious blend. A good carpenter and a reliable furniture hardware manufacturers can make a space both beautiful and functional.

1. Plan Ahead

Furnishing your new home is quite a big project. Depending on the size and members in the household, it involves multiple concerns and issues. You have to liaison with carpenters, furniture hardware manufacturers, tailors, electrician and the contractor who’s finishing your home. So, it makes sense to have a clear plan ahead. Make lists of jobs that you must finish before moving day, another for all the details that must be overseen during moving day and another detailed one for the action plan post-moving.

A plan ensures that all the important details are covered and that you are not missing on the smaller details that often slip through the crack and come back to bite us where it hurts! It can also help you to deal with the inevitable clutter and chaos of moving. Keep the plan ready to go as moving day comes close!

2. Start Neutral

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If you are starting with furniture, it’s a good idea to start neutral. Even if you like bold colours, starting safe is always better than ending with a disaster. It will also ensure that you do not end up with n number of things that all clash together! Colour coordinating can take time and may also depend on the play of light and space in a room. So, start safe and colour in as you go!

For instance, start with neutral shade walls and then try colourful soft furnishings. You may paint your walls a bold and dark colour, only to find that it clashes with everything else, from the sofa to the curtains. Similarly, a neutrally coloured sofa is easier to change according to looks and styles than a sofa which limits colour combinations.

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3. Invest in Some Good Quality Pieces

Even if your budget is limited, invest in some good quality pieces. Premium wood with excellent craftsmanship is a thing of beauty on its own. You can pick some key pieces like a bed or a dining table that have fixtures by good quality furniture hardware manufacturers. If something catches your eye and seems instantly attractive, give the piece some thought even if it costs more than want you want to pay. Good quality will last a lifetime, but it’s the aesthetic quality that makes it special.

Such pieces are often expensive and may not fit in our overall budget. In that case, make the budget a bit flexible. The new bed may mean that you won’t be able to buy the dining table now. In that case, you can consider eating in the living room and buying the table later when you have the funds!

4. Tackle One Room At A Time

Doing it all in one day can be really stressful. So many boxes and details to get right! Instead you can stagger out the work — deal with one room at a time. Finish the kitchen and the bedroom so that you have somewhere to cook and sleep. Then tackle each room at a time. This can help you reduce the chaos and confusion of furnishing your new home.

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5. Let Your Personality Play

You home is ultimately your personal space and it must mean something to you. As any good designer will tell you, this means that you let your personality come out. Decorate it in a style that suits your taste, perhaps an antique Rajasthani look or a sleek minimalistic modern room or perhaps the quirky charm of retro. This guide from Cottage & Bungalow has some good ideas. If you want to mix and match, go ahead and do just that.

Today we have a plethora of decor details to choose from, including unusual pieces from furniture hardware manufacturers, new designs in soft furnishing and affordable furniture. So, go ahead and have fun!

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