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Elevate Your Home’s Comfort with Ceiling Fans

If you don’t have any ceiling fans in your home, you’re missing out on a fixture that can really enhance your home’s comfort. Ceiling fans have so many benefits, especially these days when everyone’s looking to save a little money or reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Ceiling fans can help you feel cooler while helping you spend less money on energy. You can even benefit from ceiling fans in the winter. The right ceiling fan can really complement your home decor. You can even hang them outside to drive bugs away from your outdoor spaces.

Feel Cooler, Spend Less

Are you looking to cut energy costs in the summer? Air conditioning can keep you cool, but you already know that it comes at a cost.

A ceiling fan can allow you to depend less on air conditioning to keep your home cool in the summer. Running a ceiling fan doesn’t actually make the room cooler, it just makes it feel cooler. A ceiling fan can create a nice breeze that will help sweat evaporate off your body, keeping you nice and cool through evaporative heat loss instead of through electricity. You can turn your thermostat up four degrees and still feel just as cool – so you could set your thermostat to 80℉ and feel just the same as if you’d set it to 76℉.

Ceiling fans use a lot less power than air conditioning, too. You can run a fairly large ceiling fan for $2.53 a month, and that’s running it 24/7. You won’t run it 24/7 – you’ll at least try to remember to turn it off when you leave the room. By comparison, the cost to run a large central air conditioning unit can be as high as $504 to $630. If you set your thermostat to be seven to 10 degrees warmer when you’re not at home during the summer, you could save up to 10 percent on your power bill. Imagine how much more you could save if you’re able to keep your thermostat turned up a little higher even when you are home.

Use Your Fan in the Wintertime, Too

You can use your ceiling fan to keep your home feeling warmer in the wintertime, too. You just need to change the direction of the fan blades so they’re spinning clockwise. Hot air rises, and changing the direction of the fan blades helps the fan push that hot air back down into the room. That way, you’ll feel more comfortable and may not need to turn your thermostat up as high.

Take Your Home Decor to the Next Level

Ceiling fans with remotes

A ceiling fan can really tie together the look in a home. Fans are available in such a wide range of designs. If you have a more industrial sense of taste, for example, you could go with a caged fan or even a dual-headed fan. Does your home have a coastal feel? Maybe you should go with a palm-leaf design. The options are practically endless.

You can get ceiling fans with great features, too. You can buy ceiling fans with remotes so you don’t have to constantly grope for a pull chain when you want to turn the fan on or off or adjust it. You can buy ceiling fans with wireless wall control panels, so you can control it from a switch in the wall without having to put in new wiring. You can buy smart ceiling fans that you can control with your phone, and fans with dimmable lighting for the ultimate ambiance.

Drive Away Bugs from Outdoor Spaces

Ceiling fans belong outdoors, too. You can hang an outdoor-rated ceiling fan on your covered porch or patio, or in your gazebo, or even in your garage. Running a fan is the only way to feel cooler in outdoor spaces. The constant gentle breezes from a ceiling fan will keep bugs out of your outdoor spaces, too. The breezes are strong enough to overpower flying insects.

Who doesn’t want to make their home as comfortable as possible? Ceiling fans can help you stay at a comfortable temperature no matter what time of year it is. The right ceiling fan can really tie your home decor together and can even serve as a conversation piece. You can even enjoy a ceiling fan in your covered outdoor space! There’s never been a better time to install some ceiling fans and start feeling more comfortable in your own home.

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