EMR Integration: The Importance of Technology to Healthcare


Technology has affected all the aspects of our lives. The positives of technology outweigh the negatives. And one of the positive sides of technology can be seen in how medical science has evolved. However, the pros of technology are not limited to the treatment and diagnosis but also to patient management.

This article will discuss how electronic medical record (EMR) integration links technology and healthcare.

Blending Technology and Healthcare

EMR integration makes use of technology to improve a patient’s healthcare experience. At some point or other in our lives, we go through a phase of ill health personally or that of a loved one. We have to visit a doctor and fill-up same forms almost time and again. At times, the person for whom the form is being filled might not be in a condition to speak or cannot answer questions related to medical history. This can be because of trauma, illiteracy, or inability of some kind. In these unfortunate situations, EMR help and it helps a lot.

Using technology to create, maintain, and update a person’s medical record is a great way of using it for human benefit. Imagine the ease with which you can consult a practitioner without having to constantly remind him or her of your previous health conditions. If imagination makes you feel so good, just think how sweet would the reality be.

Creating Experience

Technology can help in creating experience in the healthcare industry by integrating EMR and other related aspects. The happiness derived from the experience is not limited to patients but also to doctors. EMR helps by:

  • Maintaining medical records that can be accessed from anywhere
  • Eliminating the possibility of lost medical records or incorrect details
  • Getting rid of manual involvement in conveying medical history
  • Involving doctor to doctor interaction in case patient changes the practitioner
  • Providing access to records in cases of emergency

All of these experiences are possible because of the involvement of technology which provides access to data from cloud or other preferred medium.

Paving Way

EMR integration seems to be the future of medical industry. Doctors and patients are realizing the importance of EMR and advocating the increased use of this to eliminate the use of paperwork which is prone to wear and tear in the long-run. When a simple search on a database can reveal the required information then what is the need of creating bulk with paper.

There is no doubt that EMR integration eases the work of medical staff and eliminates the room for error. The doctors get access to the diagnosis and prescription of other practitioners and patients get freedom from filling up the same form and repeating the same information. This type of comfort is what all professionals and patients desire and this exactly what technology offers to healthcare in the form of EMR. After looking at the contribution of EMR to elevating healthcare experience, it can be said that technology has indeed enhanced the appeal that healthcare required from a long time.

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