Essential Skills Required by A Nurse Practitioner

Essential Skills Required by A Nurse Practitioner

The world’s battle with the pandemic is going headstrong. At the same time, healthcare providers of every domain are in high demand to fill in the gaps currently faced by hospitals worldwide. However, nurse practitioners are the need of the hour. According to a survey conducted by Gallup, nurses have earned the most trusted profession consecutively for fifteen years. This is no ordinary achievement; after all, nurses make the whole patient-doctor interaction humane.

They primarily elevate patient care by helping them manage day-to-day activities. They routinely follow-up prescribed regimens and offer compassion to patients, much needed in a sea of unfamiliar faces around the hospital environment.

However, to compete with the ever-growing challenges, first and foremost, a qualified nurse needs to have adequate education and skills. To become the very best in the biz, nurses need to step it up by showcasing clear communication and flexibility according to the patient’s unique needs. Moreover, they require interpersonal skills and a hint of creativity, especially for patients who try to avoid taking medicines as scheduled by the doctor.

Nurse practitioners (NP) are qualified registered nurses who have obtained a minimum post-graduate degree in nursing. To get an edge over the rest, some nurses pursue studies for doctoral degrees as well. However, if you are looking to upskill, we recommend enrolling in at least a master’s degree in nursing (MSN). In the current times, being safe is also essential, so enrolling in an online MSN degree would be the best choice. It would help you equip in effectively examining patients, recommend tests and evaluate results. The MSN degree further enables nurses to prescribe medications, diagnose patients, and develop treatment plans. However, the privilege of prescribing drugs vary from one state to another. Similar to any profession, becoming a successful NP takes a lot more than just a degree. Scroll below to see the must-needed skills of the hour to become a successful nurse practitioner.

Unparalleled Patience Levels

It is perhaps one of the most sought-after qualities in nurses that put them at par beyond doctors: their excess level of patience. Nurses need to have unparalleled patience levels at all times, especially during stressful times. A nurse who has mastered the art of remaining calm in the middle of a storm can give explicit instructions for optimal patient care no matter the situation.

Furthermore, as an NP, be mentally prepared. Every day you will be dealt with a new set of patient-related problems that will require you to dedicate more time than usual. Therefore, nurses must keep their schedules flexible and adapt to cater to their patient’s needs.

Equipped with Professional Skills

NP’s must bag numerous skills to help them deliver the very best services for patients across the board. Therefore, along with completing undergrad and graduate degrees, nurses should also gain plenty of experience working at hospitals with other doctors.

In this profession, how you make your patients feel can be the single deciding factor whether they return for a follow-up or not. Hence, if you want to stand out among a sea of nurses, we recommend acquiring a mixture of both technical and soft skills.

Unmatched Communication Skills

As someone serving in the healthcare department, you need to have a certain level of communication skills. However, as an NP, you must have phenomenal oral and written communication skills. Though these skills are essential to communicate with other professionals, nurse practitioners should also be able to communicate clearly with patients in layman terms to understand with ease, regardless of their age or educational background. Additionally, these skills enable you to give ample time to patients and talk about their problems and assess whether or not the medicines you have prescribed are working for them. You may listen to their concerns and address them accordingly.

Co-Create and Lead 

Nurse practitioners should always be ever ready to collaborate with medical professionals with different expertise and take it as an opportunity to learn, grow and make a name in the industry.

While you will be required time and time again to collaborate with other professionals, it is monumental to develop leadership skills if you are looking to open your own practice. When working in a lead role, you are in charge and responsible for everything that goes right or wrong at your practice; therefore, as the head nurse practitioner, be willing to delegate tasks while keeping your staff’s expertise and patient’s needs in consideration.


Healthcare providers who do not compromise on their patients’ health reach the pinnacle of success and garner a name in the industry. Therefore, if you want to become a successful nurse practitioner, remember to combine quality education with expertise and a whole lot of compassion.

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