Everyday Style For Expectant Mothers – Fashion Tips For Pregnant Women


Dressing for various occasions during pregnancy used to be a real challenge. After all, how many muumuus can one person wear, and just how appealing can a dress shaped like a tent be made to look? Today’s pregnancy fashions are designed to provide comfort and style for women from all walks of life, and even though your body is changing rapidly, you can select some favorite fashions that can help carry you through your pregnancy and into your first few postpartum months.

Here, we’ll provide some important fashion tips to help you continue looking great, no matter what your body does to try to stop you.

#1. Invest in Great Basics

There are certain items you’ll want to focus on, depending on your sense of style and of course, depending on where your days tend to take you. If you’re a jeans kind of gal, then definitely look into maternity jeans, and even if you’re not, you ought to know that dark colored boot-cut maternity jeans can help you look fantastic for just about any social occasion, and give them a try. New skinny jeans for pregnant bodies are available, but be warned that these styles can be hard to pull off without the help of stylish tunic tops, great shoes, and lots of self-confidence about the way your shape looks.

If you need office attire, invest in quality trousers that will pair well with a variety of tops. A-line skirts can also serve you well, as can basic dresses with forgiving wrap shapes and color blocking that can help give your look some definition. Maternity tanks with built in supports can help you layer, and belly bands in a variety of colors and fabrics can greatly increase wardrobe options.

A light denim jacket, cardigans, and tops made for layering can also be very helpful, particularly if you need to add and subtract clothing as the day progresses.


#2. Learn How to Accessorize

You probably know that the right accessories can make a real difference any time, but while you’re expecting, you’ll find that some tricks that once worked well no longer serve you. Some good thing to try include:

  • Belts – Use belts to contain loose tops and dresses, even though you might not have a real waist after a certain point. You can use belts to help create an attractive empire waistband look that will help you look more shapely and show off your bump – be creative.
  • Bangles – Bangle bracelets help spruce up just about any outfit, and they’re fun to wear. Other jewelry, like chunky necklaces or big sparkly earrings can help draw attention to your glowing skin and beautiful eyes.
  • Shoes, Scarves, and More – Add color and movement to wardrobe basics by adding fun shoes, scarves, and other accessories. A few leopard spots or splashes of bright color can go a long way.

#3. Dressing for Special Occasions


Life doesn’t stop just because you’re expecting. Luckily, today’s designers have come up with some great solutions to the problem of what to wear to that wedding or other special occasion that just has to happen when your favorite looks don’t exactly fit the way they normally do. From cocktail dresses and formal wear to special occasion dresses in beautiful fabrics, special occasion choices abound.

You can choose between styles that offer plenty of coverage, to strapless or single-strap dresses that offer a glamorous appearance that might even make you forget you’re pregnant, if just for a short while.

No matter what your size or body shape, it’s possible to look fantastic every day while expecting, particularly when you begin with a few great pieces to build your maternity wardrobe around.


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