How to make your relationship last longer

7 Factors That Affect a Relationship’s Longevity

Marriage isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. Just like a marathon, you will have to invest in your marriage to make the relationship work. There will be times when you or your spouse will feel low. This is when you both have to support each other. There are no magical ingredients that can make your marriage last a long time. Even a marriage that is going great can crash quickly. No one can exactly point to any factor that increases the chance of success of a marriage. But, some factors can impact its longevity.


Communication and transparency are fundamental to all relationships. There should be an honest and healthy way to talk to one another. Share your feelings, thoughts, and plans with your partner. Even if you are going through a rough patch, your partner should be aware of those circumstances. Communication is good in the early days of the relationship, but it fades a few years down the relationship. If communication reduces, then there is no transaction of opinions, emotions, or feelings. This can make your spouse more anxious and increase the differences between you both. So, communicate and share thoughts to make your marriage work.

Understanding changes

Things change over time. You and your spouse will change too. You both have to accept the fact that you are going to change in unpredictable ways. This will help you in preparing for the tough challenges life will throw at you. Once you are mentally prepared for tough situations then your mind will think positively and your relationship will pass the test of time. Moreover, your level of understanding and maturity will increase. This will help in reducing fights between you both.

Be intimate

7 Factors That Affect a Relationship’s Longevity

Less intimacy is one of the leading causes of couples breaking apart. Sex is important to keep the romance alive in a relationship. Reduction in intimacy raises a lot of questions in your spouse’s mind. They might think that you are no longer attracted to them anymore or you are having an affair outside marriage. This takes a toll on the relationship and puts a lot of strain on it. Thus, you must express your feelings with your spouse from time to time and make them feel ‘loved’. Even if you are going through a medical concern, you must tell your spouse and fight it together. Visit a doctor and take proper medication. We would recommend going to an ayurvedic sexologist for sexual problems like PE, ED and so no.

Make amends

If differences have come up in your relationship, then it is important to make amends. Admit to the mistakes that have happened and learn from them. Try to improve yourself from these learnings to keep your marriage healthy. This act of humility and honesty will make your relationship stronger. A humiliating behavior, on the contrary, can sink your marriage.

Listen to each other

Keeping an open ear to your spouse’s thoughts will make him or her feel that you care. Since priorities change over time, it is important to have personal and professional discussions periodically. Listen to what your spouse has to say and have a healthy discussion on the next steps for the future. Working together to set common goals will make your marriage stronger.


To err is human, thus either you or spouse will make mistakes. There will be a lot of occasions when you both will screw things up. You might get disappointed and make a bad decision in anger. This is the time when you have to think twice before reacting to your spouse’s errors. If the mistakes are minor, then you can forgive them instead of fighting with the other. Nursing hurt feelings and shouting at your spouse will only spoil your relationship. The serious mistakes should be dealt with accordingly, but for the minor ones forgive your spouse and move on.

Express love

A small gesture helps a lot in maintaining the excitement in your marriage. You can bring flowers or gifts to surprise your spouse. This spontaneity will reignite the spark in your relationship. Keep doing these gestures to make your spouse feel special.

Working together with your spouse will get you close to your relationship dreams. Be together, have each other’s back, and have some fun to enjoy a fulfilling marriage.

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