Fashion style in 2020

Fashion Style in 2020

Top mens fashion style 2020. I think 2020 is going to be a year of bold fashion choices a year of breaking boundaries and working all out on your outfits, and if you want fashion and style inspiration. The first trend that I already started seeing and that will be hot in 2020—and becoming more style more casual that we created a whole new segment a unique style for mens fashion well going into the new decade.

You want to remain prepared need to start thinking what pieces are you leave in the past leave dead and what part are you bring into the future into the new decade to ensure your survival rate in fashion style remains high today.

Denim Style 2020

Denim Style 2020

Top mens fashion style 2020

Jeans Style 2020

We’re going over the ten style trends that define the 2010s that you should keep for the 2020s. Let’s hop into number one and probably might go to daily is salvaged denim. This style of jean pretty much ruled the 2010s, and this was not a trend per se was a basic that became a fad through style forums men started becoming obsessed.

The beautiful part of it is that salvaged denim is just the essential pair of jeans that just easily combine with any style to minimal sneakers. I know to sound like a fricking broken record at this point, and if you’ve seen my wardrobe I got like 30, I’m not exaggerating on that one. Still, it honestly seems crazy that between 2008 and 2010 11, it was all the craze to wear brogues and dress shoes all the time, even for fun. Then all of a sudden, the common projects white simple leather sneaker came into play, and all of a sudden, this is what we came appropriate for your daily wear your casual wear.

2020 Mens Biker Jacket

2020 Mens Biker Jacket

Biker jackets like this are one of my favorite trends right now. You guys know that’s why I love my leather jackets, but this is even better. It’s bold and badass. It’s taking the classic mens biker jackets to the next level. I am talking about studs and rhinestones, some neat stitching designs that are all going to be super-hot in 2020.

The best thing is that if you already own a leather jacket, you can do it yourself right, you can add studs and designs to your leather jacket and make it look awesome.

Mens Fashionable Vest Style

Mens Fashionable Vest Style

Another huge trend in 2020 multifunctional vests, and recently I’ve been seeing so many styles just rocking these. It’s such a cool look, and of course, they’re super practical too right. You know how it is to go to your mom’s place she cooks all the time for you put on some extra pounds, so that’s going to hide it a little bit and then give you a bunch of pockets for your phone you wallet receipts.

Whatever else you need so they’re practical, I will say though be careful with how you style these because they can make you look like a dad on vacation sometimes, so try styling it with minimalist pieces like any color shirt, black and blue jeans and a pair of lace-up boots.

Hoodies 2020 Style

2020 Hoodies Trends

Hoodies 2020 Style

Wearing a hoodie out just meant that you were a lazy bum, and now all of a sudden, you got guys mixing this casual staple with overcoats and bomber jacket, and now you keep blurring the lines of menswear. Whereas hoodies have now become an accepted staple to wear, and if you get one that fits just right like these, you got something that even if you throw it on with jeans. You look good in, and you can mix it with your overcoat or your jacket to look like a bob.


An enjoyable style moves with pieces that very easily found at a lot of different styles. You don’t have to get too creative in your head with some outfit you’re coming up with; you have to make sure that everything matches, and you’re going to look super stylish. It is now let me explain a little bit what I mean by this is that you don’t always have to be buying new clothes to look good.

I’m enjoying the trend towards wearing old worn in very quality stuff that has just been beaten up and dressed and perfected because it’s molded to your body if you buy quality clothes. You wear them a ton like an old denim jacket or some jeans or old suit things like that can become extremely stylish the more you wear them because it almost feels like a vintage piece. Still, it’s all you have crafted and worn into your body type, and it feels so lovely when you have something that you know is always going to be comfortable and stylish because you wear it all the time.

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