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3 Important Features That Will Determine The Way Your Room Looks

Has your room been giving an eyesore for a while now? Are you tired of finding yourself staring at the same old blank walls and the same boring tiles? Perhaps it’s time for you to do some experimentation with your room, or if you’re willing to splurge some of your hard earned bucks into something extremely rewarding, you might as well consider getting your room renovated!

While doing up a new room, making changes with an existing room or while going in for a complete renovation altogether, there are certain highlighting features that one must keep in mind. These features play a crucial role in the making of a perfect room and in deciding the ambience or the feel that your room is going to give out.

Following are few such features you should concentrate on:/p

1. The Color Of Your Walls

Giving your room the right color treatment by picking just the right shades can turn out to be quite a baffling experience. But once you have a clear picture in your head, things become much easier.

color of your walls

Ultimately, the room is yours and you are the one who’s got to live with it. Warm colors like red, yellow and orange reflect a lot of light and will make your room look bright, vibrant and energetic.

However, if you’re someone who would prefer to go for the cozy look, try out cooler shades like blue, violet and green. These colors will make your room look calm, peaceful and irresistibly cozy!

2. Interior Lighting

Perfect interior lighting can play a pivotal role in changing the look of your home and increasing its aesthetic value. A good lighting system will make any room look more desirable and pleasing.

Interior lighting fixtures

Moreover, there are numerous options available as far as the types of lighting are concerned, such as overhead lighting, table lamps, sconces, track lights, pot lights etc. However, when it comes to your bedroom, try avoiding jarring lights such as vibrant pot lights or track lights.

For the bedroom, you might want to opt for softer and dimmer hues which will make your room look immensely inviting and desirable! You might also consider installing a table lamp beside your bed or on top of a drawer or any other place where you could do with some extra light.

3. Flooring

Whatever flooring style you have in mind, make sure it complements the colors you have decided to paint your home walls with. When it comes to bedroom flooring, the first thing one should look at, is comfort level. The flooring should be comfortable enough, as well as easy to maintain.

Flooring ideas

These days there are so many amazing options to choose from as far as the types of material, design, styles, and patterns of flooring available are concerned.

Right from vinyl flooring, to bamboo flooring, laminate flooring, marble flooring, flooring tiles, to wooden flooring, there are plenty of options to pick from, in order to add to the overall ambience of your room/house.

To make the room look more elegant, you could also install carpets or cozy rugs on the floor, depending on the style you have in mind.

These were three main features or aspects that need the utmost attention, since these will decide the fate of the room you’re going to be spending your maximum time in.

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