Femtech Innovations Every Woman Should Know About

10 Femtech Innovations Every Woman Should Know About

While most women’s health innovations in the past have focused on physical inventions — such as menstruation and incontinence products for women — technology is the next frontier of development. The term “femtech” was coined in 2016 by Ida Tin, CEO of the popular period-tracking app Clue. Femtech refers to technology-based solutions designed to address feminine health issues, from tracking periods to getting pregnant to going through menopause. Below are 10 other products and services besides Clue that are using technology to improve women’s health.

1. Ava

If you’re trying to conceive via intercourse, but aren’t sure what the best times for your body are, Ava was designed for you. Ava is a bracelet that tracks variables, such as your heart rate, skin temperature, and breathing rate, to determine the optimal times for you to conceive each month. The connected app lets you generate reports and review your fertility data to track trends over time. Ava is an excellent example of how wearable technology can be applied specifically in femtech to help improve women’s health.

2. Carrot Fertility

Fertility benefits were once considered a nice-to-have addition, but employees are increasingly expecting their employers to provide such benefits. Carrot is a benefits program that supports employees on their family-forming journey, whether that involves IVF or adoption. For companies looking to set themselves apart, Carrot might make the difference for employees looking to start their families.

3. Elektra Health

If you’re looking for menopause relief and community, Elektra Health is a great resource to check out. The founders realized “how difficult it is to find reliable, accessible, and evidence-based resources to better understand and manage hormonal health” and launched Elektra Health to help connect women and health experts via technology. Their guides are backed by science and their programs and workshops are evidence-based so you can rely on them. Elektra Health is on a mission to “smash the taboo” when it comes to talking about menopause, something that we can all get behind.

4. Future Family

Fertility treatments aren’t just emotionally draining — they can also be financially draining as well. Future Family was created to provide flexible financing plans so you can quickly get started with IVF or egg freezing. The plans start between $300 and $475 a month and vary based on your clinic, credit score, and approved IVF-related expenses. All your treatment costs are covered in one monthly figure, making it easier for you to budget other areas of your life.

Femtech Innovations

5. Health

With more than 36 million active monthly users, and 145 million overall installs, Flo is one of the most popular period tracker apps out there. The period tracker and ovulation calendar function let you log over 70 symptoms and activities to get the most precise AI-based period and ovulation predictions. The app offers pregnancy and post-pregnancy modes to help you track both your development and the baby’s. The Flo app also delivers up daily health topics so you can learn something new every day.

6. Gennev

Finding a great doctor to guide you through menopause can be tough. That’s why Gennev was created. It helps women in perimenopause and postmenopause connect virtually with OB-GYNs. The services also offer a host of resources about relevant topics, such as improving your energy, dealing with hot flashes, and managing side effects such as migraines. If you’ve had trouble finding a good provider in your current city or with your current insurance, Gennev’s services might be worth a look.

7. Kindbody

Kindbody is a new kind of fertility clinic that provides fertility, gynecology, and wellness services in a modern, tech-enabled environment. Services include fertility assessments, egg freezing, IVF and conception care, gynecology and more. Right now, the company has several clinics in the greater New York City areas, as well as San Francisco and Los Angeles. Kindbody also operates a “fertility bus” that provides appointments on the go.

Femtech Innovations for Women

8. Nextgen Jane

First, it was smartphones and now it’s smart tampons. Nextgen Jane examines genomic signals from the cells in your tampon to discover early signs of disease that may affect your fertility and quality of life. The idea is to find markers of endometriosis and other diseases with little more inconvenience than changing your tampon during your period. The product is now in beta testing mode, and you can sign up to help them out at their website.

9. Modern Fertility

At-home tests aren’t just confined to cheek swabs that tell you what percentage of your genes are Italian. Many different at-home health tests have cropped up in the past few years, including a few within the femtech space. Modern Fertility provides user-friendly tests you can do at home to get a sense of your baseline fertility hormones and help plan for your future. If your insurance doesn’t cover fertility tests, Modern Fertility might be a more affordable option you can pursue on your own.

10. Peanut

Finding mom friends can be tough, especially if you’re the first in your existing friend group to have a baby. The social network Peanut connects people at all stages of motherhood, from expecting your first baby to managing older kids. Whether you need ideas for third trimester sleeping positions or are trying to sleep train an infant, you will find moms who have gone through the same thing that you have. If you’ve been looking to find like-minded mom friends, try downloading Peanut and seeing who you connect with.

Sure, doing pelvic floor exercises with Kegel balls is great for women’s health — but there’s so much more that you can do, thanks to technology. Keep an eye on these 10 femtech companies, and look for more and more players to emerge in this space as investors finally begin to give femtech the attention it deserves.

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