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Five Organic Foods That You Can’t Ignore

Truth be told my friend, if we were living in a really perfect world then we’d all be doing our food shopping at local farmer’s markets, eating eggs that were just laid by local chickens, buying whole entire cows and goats for really fresh organic meat, calling over our local farmers to eat supper with us, and running down to our local forests to find fresh, organic mushrooms etc.

But the truth is that most people are not able to live this sort of life because it just isn’t that realistic. And perhaps even if it was realistic to live life this way, I really doubt most people would actually want to go through all that hassle, particularly when we’ve all been spoiled with the luxuries of modern day life.

Can you imagine not being able to go into your local grocery store to grab all the last minute things you need to prepare dinner for the evening, especially when you’ve just gotten the message that you will be having friends over in a couple of hours!

But the reality is that most of us still want to be healthy on some level and have the ability to actually make the healthiest choices based upon the options that are open to us. I am pretty sure that most of us would love to buy o organic foods that are not only good for our bodies but are still value for money. Organic foods tend to have higher levels of nutrients than nonorganic foods.

I’ve worked to compile a list of foods that I believe are the most important ones you should be buying organic from farm like sites like Group dig in login. These foods are ones that you will be able to find in practically any of the local grocery stores you are used to shopping at.

The list has been put together in order of importance. So the most important foods you should be buying organic are at the top and ending with the least important.

1. Baby Food

Of course we all know that a baby is just a cute, little helpless creature. Yes, there isn’t a single person out there that is going to hate babies, but the reality is that you would never expect them to be able to make the right food choices for themselves…. would you?

If you compare the human baby with those of other animals the human baby takes an incredibly long time to actually develop and grow up. Taking that much longer to develop actually means that they are more prone to getting damaged by things like pesticides, etc.

Would any one of you really want to compromise the long term health of your baby because of these harmful pesticides? I highly doubt you would.

I am telling you right now that there is nothing more damaging to the development of a young baby than pesticides. Hence why it is extremely important that you give your child organic food. Whether you’re making it yourself or buying readymade food at the store… just make sure that it is 100% o organic.

2. Dairy

Yes, the reality is that most people out there consume some form of dairy, whether it be milk, butter or yogurt.

Now the truth is that the most ideal situation would be to actually buy dairy that was just milked from a grass fed cow, however most of us don’t actually live next to a farm, so this is pretty much impossible. So the next best option for most of us is to actually dairy that it is organic.

What you’re doing by buying organic dairy is essentially buying something that is guaranteed to have met certain quality standards.

The most important thing you need to understand when it comes to what these quality standards are, is the fact that organic dairy essentially means that this dairy was produced by a cow that has been eating fresh grass for the whole grazing season and the farmer is making sure that at least thirty percent of the total calories that this cow has consumed, comes from grass.

Most grazing seasons will last an average of about 120 days, and often times it is actually longer. So buying organic dairy isn’t as good as getting fresh cow’s milk the moment it has been milked but it’s the best alternative and actually no more difficult to get than standard milk.

So be sure to stick to organic dairy from now on.

3. Beef

The laws and standards that actually apply to dairy, apply to the production of organic grass fed beef as well. Organic beef is far superior to standard beef because it is packed full of micronutrients that are really good for you. The bonus is that it will taste really good too.

Of course you need to know that most of the organic beef that you will buy from your local supermarket will actually have come from cows that were primarily raised upon corn and soy. But while the diet of these cows isn’t optimal, you will be glad to know that the corn or soy will not have been genetically modified or have a lot of pesticides in them.

Of course another benefit of consuming organic beef is that the farmers are not allowed to be injected with any form of antibiotics or any sort of hormones.

4. Eggs

When it comes to eggs, the best option is of course eggs that are organic and pastured. While having eggs that come pastured chickens really is the best option, you should at minimum make sure that they are at least organic.

Eggs that have been laid by non organic chickens ultimately means you are getting eggs that are packed full of pesticides. The reason for this is because the feed that farmers gives to these chickens are covered in pesticides and this will ultimately be transferred to the yolk in the eggs that they lay.

So when you buy eggs that have come from pastured chickens you are essentially getting eggs that have been laid by chickens that have been getting a large percentage of their food and nutrients from the natural environment. So you can be sure that their diet will mostly consist of natural things like bugs, grass etc. All those nutrients will ultimately be passed onto you via the eggs that you eat.

So keep in mind that pastured and organic eggs are the best way to go, if not then just organic.

5. Leafy Green Vegetables

Truth be told my friend, the issue with leafy green vegetables such as kale, spinach, and lettuce is the fact that they all have a really large surface area.

What this ultimately means is that the pesticides that have been sprayed on top of them will likely be all over the vegetables and believe me this is hard to remove.

Vegetables such as carrots are easy to really scrub down to get rid of the pesticides that are all over them, but to apply the same kind of strength and force to soft vegetables like lettuce, will end up destroying it.

This is why it is super essential to go organic when it comes to leafy green vegetables. Would you really want to be putting so much harmful things inside your body, because let’s face it you probably do eat a lot of vegetables. While you may not be getting much in terms of overall caloric value, you can be certain that you will be getting in plenty of pesticides because of the large surface area.

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So trust me you are going to want to invest in organic when it comes to leafy green vegetables. There are online sites like Group dig in login and order healthy vegetables. If you are not registered with Dig in login group, you can easily create a new account and signup with Dig in group login to order farm fresh vegetables.

In an ideal world I’d say that you should buy all of your foods organic but because for most people this isn’t realistic I’d recommend that you at least make sure that these five foods I’ve given you here today are organic.

But of course you can switch things up a bit… if you happen to eat more of a certain type of food then do your best to buy it organically.

Ultimately your health will benefit in the long run the more you stick to eating o organic foods.

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