Flixhd.cc Login – Flixhd Member Sign In to My Account

Flixhd.cc Login – Flixhd Member Sign In to My Account

How to Access Flixhd.cc Login Page?

If you already created a new account on Flixhd member and now want to watch the best TV shows or movies, then you need Flixhd.cc Login first. Remember one thing before Flixhd account sign in, check once your Plan expires or not. If you want to log in with a Facebook account, then you can do with that account details.

Here is a short list of steps, you can follow that to access your account.

  • First of all open any browser, go to address bar on the top.
  • Now type the address of website as www.flixhd.cc, and press ‘Enter’ button
  • Click on red button of ‘Sign In’ on the top right side
  • The sign in page of website will be open on the screen
  • The page will ask you ‘Username’ & ‘Password’
  • You need to enter your email ID and Password, then press on ‘Sign In’ button
  • Here you can also get an option of ‘Login with Facebook’

That’s all. Now enjoy the unlimited entertainment!

About the Flixhd Account Hack

Now, all you need to know about the new Flixhd account hack and whether you can or not share your Flixhd account or password.

We often come across various scams taking place on the internet. Earlier, scammers and hackers have targeted users bank accounts, various social media passwords and this time they have targeted Flixhd. Hackers have been hacking the Flixhd account login very cleverly.

Hackers hack the user information by sending them spam emails that have the official page that looks exactly like the original. Hence, users easily fill in their personal details and then the fraudsters use this login information and sell the information for very less as compared to the original rates.

How to Access Flixhd.cc Login Page

For now, the scammers have targeted Australian users but soon if not tracked and stopped this could be widespread. There are an estimated of a1.03 million subscribers in Australia. Manager of cyber security at the ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority), Bruce Matthews, said:

“These scammers are becoming increasingly sophisticated and the phishing websites very much replicate your experience when using the real website.”

ACMA issued an alert in public interest which is as follows:

Attention Flixhd users: A fake email is being circulated with the common subject line of “Flixhd Membership On Hold”. The link in the email takes you to a fake sign-in page almost identical to the real Flixhd.cc Sign In Page.

This is a scam targeting Australian and overseas Flixhd users, aiming to steal your Flixhd credentials. The fake sign-in page is extremely convincing and is a reminder that phishing scams aren’t just about stealing your bank account details—you need to keep ALL your personal information, including all login details, safe and secure.

Let us understand how does this scam actually occurs.The scam occurs in two different ways:

1. Phishing Campaign – Fake Flixhd Account Notification Email

The target user gets an email with subject “Flixhd membership on hold”. The email has the link that takes the victim to Flixhd sign in page that though looks original is actually fake. When the target user Sign in on this fake page it feeds this original username and password on the original website and retrieves their full name.

The victim is then taken to the next page which has an account verification form. Here again, the fraudsters convince the victim that the site is original as when they are redirected to the page, their first and last name fields are all- ready filled.

Now the target user will be asked to fill in their date of birth, home address and cell phone number. When the user fills in the above detail, he is asked to share details of their credit card.

As soon as the victim fills in the detail, website starts to change. It manages to know your financial institution from your credit card number and then further ask you about more authentication. Fraudsters steal the victim’s identity and access financial accounts too.

Cybersecurity says the fraudsters use smart phishing wherein the form can change and even make out the wrongly entered information. ACMA is urging people to be cautious about their Flixhd account and delete the suspicious mail as soon as they get it. The original Flixhd subscription comes for $9.99 per month but these fraudsters sell the hacked account for as low as 25 cents. Information regarding Flixhd login is usually common among loved ones, family members, and friends. Hence it becomes really difficult for Flixhd to manage the fraud.

According to the experts, users should be cautious and check the URL of the website. Drawback to this is the fact that emails are checked and internet is browsed even through mobile phones.

Flixhd website has asked users to keep unique passwords and that they should change it quite often to remain safe from frauds. One should report fraudulent and suspicious activities. It should be made a habit to sign out from the used devices.

2. Fake Flixhd App & Malware Campaign

In this type of fraud the users are made to believe that they have downloaded the official Flixhd software. Customers think they have got a free or account on discount. But the fraud software install files on the computer which when executed, install malware on the computer. The software manages to download InfostealerBanload. This trojan successfully steals essential details from the computer including bank information, Flixhd account logins and more.

To save oneself, one should download the official Flixhd app from official source only.

It is important to save one self from this type of fraud. But before going into the details of how you can save yourself being a victim from this scam it is important to check first whether your account is safe or already you have become the victim. You can know whether you have been the victim or not by following steps:

  1. First of all log in to Flixhd from your computer and click on account icon present on the top right hand corner of your screen. Select “Your Account”.
  2. Next step is to select “Viewing Activity”. Now be careful. If you see few titles that you have not watched but are still I the list, this is the first sign that your account may have been hacked. But do not stop here. Confirm by further steps.
  3. Now select “Recent Account Access”. Now check your locations. If it shows your device then you are safe but if it shows other locations too, this means your account has been hacked.

What Should I do if my Flixhd account is hacked?

Now in case of your account being hacked, you have to follow the following steps:

  • First of all go back to “Your Account” page and choose “My Profile”. Under this, there will be an option of “Sign out all devices”. Click this. As per Flixhd this step will disconnect all the devices that are linked to your Flixhd Account but this may take around 8 hours.
  • Now reset your password. This can be done according to the instructions given by Flixhd . You can reset your password through email. You have to send email to yourself –a password reset email. You will receive the email within a minute after you send it. It will have a link that will sign you in to Flixhd . Here you will be asked to create new password. One thing to remember here is that, the link expires in 24 hours. So be careful and use it within the time limit. But still if you miss it, resend yourself a password reset email again.
  • If you want to know which particular email address was hacked, site “Have I Been Pwned?” help you. You have to fill in your email address and press enter. The site will let you know the details.

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