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Furniture Hardware Trends for 2018

Selecting furniture hardware is not easy. While some people prefer style, some are just looking for functional. Today furniture hardware manufacturers offer us a bewildering array of choices that can actually make the job even tougher! But furniture hardware is not just about aesthetics. If your hardware does not work right, your furniture will not do its work either. Ultimately, the hardware’s function is to ensure the functionality of the furniture.

But, striving for aesthetics and to stay on trend are equally important for some. While, we won’t recommend a yearly overhaul to look trendy (who can spare the expense or the time), a little tweak here and there can ensure a stylish look. If your furniture is, in fact very outdated, a little tweaking of the hardware can actually bring it up to mark.

To those who like to keep a finger on the pulse and want to keep abreast of the latest trends, here are the trends that emerged in 2017 and will continue trending in 2018:

Do It With Style

Indians have not always paid attention to the style quotient of their home. This is seen as a largely luxurious domain, of concern only to the rich and the upper middle class. But as salaries rose in post-liberalization era, more and more people are now investing in creating a stylish space for themselves, one that can reflect their own ambition or be a perfect representation of themselves. Consequently, details like furniture hardware started getting attention.

Today many people are opting to create a specific style statement, be it modern or classical. This is reflected in the furniture hardware. As a result the furniture hardware manufacturers are also offering multiple choices according to decor style. Today people design their homes while keeping in mind the entire style statement. In short, whatever you choose, fit it in the style statement of your home.

Pairing Contrasting Colors

If done carefully, it can create a dramatic look. Here the handle can be the eye-catching detail by itself. This works especially with furniture like colored kitchen cabinets. You can choose a completely contrasting color to the cabinet. For instance, look for black handles with white cabinet doors. You can also create the same look with wood. Just choose different colors of wood. Put light colored handles or knobs on dark wood or vice versa.

Go With Steel

Steel was again a clear favorite. But its utilitarian look just acquired a different edge. It can be a perfect accompaniment to a modern or contemporary look. There is also a wide range to choose from. But steel is not just about getting the look right. It is also one of the most functional metals when it comes to furniture hardware. Its durability and resistance to corrosion make it ideal as a component for hardware. Furniture hardware manufacturers are also coming up with new and stunning designs to make it more attractive.

Look For Color

A pop of color is always a welcome addition and when it comes to furniture, hardware is the best way to do this. There are many options that you can opt for. For instance, you can opt for ceramic knobs that are etched with beautiful design. You can also look for hardware with different finishes. There are metallic finishes as well as colored matt finishes. The color will make an interesting counterpoint to the furniture, which is usually plain or monochromatic. So, add a red knob to white cabinets or get inlaid handles on plain wooden furniture. The choices are many!

Be Dramatic

The idea of being stylish is to go all out, to looks for and add something which is unexpected. While we think of bigger statement pieces here, this can also be achieved with smaller pieces like furniture hardware. Do not hesitate to look for dramatic pieces that are unusual. You can also look for antique pieces that are unusual in themselves. Although these are perfect for a more classical style decor, you can also place them as a counterpoint in a more modern home.


Furniture hardware manufacturers today are coming up with new innovative designs and material, we have more choices than ever before. With home decor becoming gaining more importance, this innovation in hardware is just the kind of detailing we require. Follow our trends this year and choose a style that suits you most.


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