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Exploring the Los Angeles Garage Door Repair

Garage Door Repair Los Angeles B has over 30 years experience in the residential garage door industry and has been serving Los Angeles residents since 1971 and can provide SAME DAY service in most cases.

At Garage Door Repair Los Angeles B, we care about your garage door and garage door opener needs. We have built our reputation over the past 30 plus years by treating our customers fairly and never try to sell them products or services that they do not need. Our warranties are one of the best in the business and offer a 1 year warranty on labor, 5 year warranty on all parts, and a 3 year spring warranty on all new garage door installations. For garage door repairs we offer a 1 years parts warranty and a 90 day labor warranty.

Broken Garage Door Repair Service

Replacing broken garage door springs is the most common repair that we perform. As you can see from the above photo, there is a separation in the spring where it has broken . Springs do not last forever, contrary to what most people think. Every time they wind and unwind stress is exerted on the spring and finally they give out due to metal fatigue. Most garage door springs are rated at 10,000 open-close cycles and will typically last anywhere from 6 to 9 years depending on how often you open and close your door. Garage Door Repair Los Angeles B prides itself in installing the highest quality galvanized torsion springs backed by a 3 year warranty. Ask for details when you call.

Broken Garage Door Repair Los Angeles B Cable Repair

The second most common problem that we encounter is when one of the cables jumps off a drum, as shown in the above photo and causes the door to come down crooked and bind on the way down. The man reason why this may happen is that the garage door may have hit an object on the way down and caused the cable to create slack thus jumping off the drum. The homeowner is unaware that the cable has jumped off the drum and pushes the garage door opener again to close the door. It only comes part way down and binds in the tract. The cables carry the full weight of the door and should be replaced if they show any signs of fraying. A frayed or worn cable can break and cause the door to slam down. The door can come out of the tracks causing damage to people and property. Please search Garage Door Repair Los Angeles B for immediate services.

General Garage Door Service (Lube, Tighten, Adjust)

Garage Door Repair Los Angeles B Reviews

Like your car, your garage door and opener needs routine maintenance. Since your garage door is the largest moving object in your home, we recommend an annual lube, tighten, and adjustment schedule that will save you money in the long run. Our 10 point tune up includes the following:

• Lubricate all moving parts.
• Tighten all nuts and bolts.
• Check balance of door.
• Check and adjust spring tension.
• Check and adjust track.
• Clean track of dirt and debris.
• Check and adjust safety reverse on garage door operator.
• Check alignment of safety photo cells on garage door operator.
• Lubricate operator.

Garage Door Opener Repairs

The most common problem with garage door openers is misaligned infrared safety photo sensors. This can usually be diagnosed by the light bulbs flashing on the opener as the door refuses to close. If you cannot realign the sensors, the garage door sensors can be overridden by holding the wall control all the way through the down cycle which enables you to close the garage door. After the door closes, release the wall control. Please call Garage Door Repair Los Angeles B for service at your earliest convenience.

A second possible reason why the garage door opener won’t go down when you press the car transmitter is that the lock feature is activated on the deluxe wall button located at the entrance to your home from the garage. A flashing LED light on the wall button indicates that the transmitters are locked out. Simply press the lock button for 2 seconds and the LED light will stop flashing and the transmitters will work.

We will repair your opener if we can, instead of just replacing it. This will save you money and is also a greener option. Our trucks carry a large selection of parts as well as new openers and remote controls.

Garage Door Section Replacement – Steel and Wood

Steel section replacement is a better choice if the door has not been discontinued and the manufacturer can be identified. If more than 2 sections are damaged it is usually cheaper to replace the complete door because of manufacturer pricing structures and minimal extra labor.

Most wood sections can be custom made to match the existing sections.

The following is a list of additional services performed by Garage Door Repair Los Angeles B

• Transmitters replaced
• Circuit board replacement
• Bottom weather seal replaced
• Receiver replacement
• Perimeter stop moulding replaced
• Strut replacement
• Photo cells replaced
• Broken windows replaced
• Hinge replacement
• Trolly replacement on garage door opener
• Rollers replaced

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