Hiring an Attorney

Get an Attorney if You Find Yourself in a Sticky Situation

Life moves at break-neck speed. You may have things planned for months in advance, sometimes years. However, there is always the possibility that something unexpected pops up and alters the course of your future. If the event poses a huge blow to the way you live your life, you may want some help to get yourself through it. Legal representation may be something you have never had to find, but some situations really require it to come out with your best resolution. Take a look at a few examples of when calling a lawyer may make a bad situation more tolerable in one way or another.

You Face Criminal Charges

An arrest may find you in hot water, legally and personally. Some criminal charges are serious enough that they are enough to get you suspended from your job even before you get a chance to present your side of things. Criminal court is not a place you want to stand alone, especially since your future depends on how the judge or jury may rule. You want to retain an attorney who understands how the criminal justice system works and how to argue for your side of things. A lawyer has the knowledge to negotiate for a settlement on your behalf to avoid court. If a trial is unavoidable, an attorney knows how to present a case to give you a chance to walk home free.

You Cause an Accident

A traffic accident is nothing to shrug off, especially if you caused the collision. Regardless of how the crash occurred, you are found to be the responsible party. Your insurance company now has to pay the other driver’s extensive medical bills, but your policy limits will kick in and cut that off soon. You may face a civil lawsuit from the other driver. In this case, you want an attorney who can help reduce your personal liability. It helps in advance to learn more about what kind of defense the attorney may present on your behalf.

You Want To Create an Estate Plan

Thinking about your death and making a plan to ensure your family is protected is a job for an estate lawyer. A will is only one element in an effective estate plan. You may want to explore adding things to your estate plan, such as:

  • Living will
  • Power of attorney documents
  • Trusts
  • Advanced directives

These documents can also help you decide how you want to handle your care when your medical outlook is not favorable. This can take the weight off of your family at a time when they face so much turmoil.

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