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Smooth Move: Getting From One Home to Another All in One Piece

Among life’s challenges, the home move is one of a kind. The demands of packing up all your stuff into boxes, loading all the boxes and furniture into a truck, cleaning out the home you’re leaving, getting the new place ready and more will all take some time and planning.

1. Plan Ahead

There are a lot of details that have to work together when it is time to move. From scheduling the moving trucks and other equipment you will need, to forwarding your mail and shutting off utilities at the old place and getting services turned on at the new home, many of the events of a move rely on good timing to be done properly.

Like a lot of things in life today, there is an app to help make the process of planning go smoother. Check out Wunderlist to help you to get coordinated. The app is basically a scheduler that helps you to organize to-do lists, get reminders of important events, and even coordinate with other family members or friends who are part of your moving team.

2. Get Equipped

A move requires a lot of equipment. A moving truck to hold all your stuff, hand trucks or dollies to roll large items, plenty of boxes, tape, and marker pens to secure and label your stuff, and more, all will be required.

A nationwide company like U-Haul specializes in helping people to get ready to move on their own with rental trucks, of course, but even if you are not renting a truck or equipment from them, they are a great source for all the accessories like boxes, tape, and more.

3. Pack it Up

Having a plan will help the boxing and unboxing processes to go a lot smoother. You can work room by room, or focus on types of things at once (books, kitchen needs, kids things, etc.).

You may find that hiring a packing service takes a lot of the stress out of your life. Check an online service such as Takl for packing help near you.

4. Clean it Up

Plan time into your moving schedule for a thorough post-move cleaning, or hire a cleaning service to do a deep clean when you have emptied everything out.

Some cleaning jobs go even deeper. If there has been a death or serious health issue in the home, for instance, you will want to contact a company that specializes in after death cleanup services.

5. Call the Movers

There are a lot of variables in making a move, such as whether you are staying in the same town or moving from one city to another and the number of boxes and type of furniture you will need to move. It makes sense to get a free moving quote from a company like Suddath. The peace of mind and lower stress level that you will appreciate when you have professionals loading, driving, and unloading the truck with all the valuables of your life inside may well be worth the cost.

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