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Getting Your Project Rolling

If you have a project that includes making an object movable, you may be looking at getting some caster wheels. Simple enough, right? Not so. When choosing caster wheels for your equipment or project, you need to keep in mind a few important details to make the right decision.

Conditions of Use

Take into consideration the conditions in which the equipment will be used. You made need a certain material on the wheel depending on where you will be using the equipment. Are there chemicals, oils, or extreme temperature conditions? If so, you will need to choose the wheel material best suited for your situation. If the wheels will be washed regularly or be exposed to moisture or chemicals, stainless steel caster wheels are a good choice.

Loads to Carry 

Determine the amount of weight the casters need to carry regularly. Do you need the casters for a food service cart? If so, do not just factor in the weight of the cart. You will also need to consider the weight of what will be carried on the cart. When it comes to size, the lighter loads will need smaller wheels; heavier loads will need larger wheels. Heavier loads may also require a different type of bearing: roller or ball bearing help carry those larger loads more easily. You may also need to adjust the material of the wheel based on how heavy the load is.

Flooring Types

You will also need to look at the type or types of flooring the casters will be going over. Are there any cracks or other obstacles on the floor? Is the floor smooth or rough? Is it hard or soft? Each flooring type can change your needs, so be careful when choosing which type of caster. Some casters can damage certain flooring, such as wood, so choose carefully. If you need an all-purpose caster, rubber wheels are a safe way to go.

Caster Combinations

Depending on how you need the equipment to move, you will want to change which wheels you buy. If you just need a basic combination, you can use two straight and two swivel casters. If you need to move the equipment sideways, however, you may need to upgrade to different casters or a different mounting pattern.

If you are needing caster wheels, do not settle for any wheel. Do your research and make the right decisions for your own needs.

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