Google will soon delete apps with no privacy policies from Play Store

Google to Eject Apps from the Play Store Which Do Not Possess Privacy Stratagems

Google is augmenting and reinforcing its guidelines regarding the privacy policies of the apps in its Play Store

The organization has recently announced the news that every app in the Play store must be imbibed with privacy-related policies neglecting which will result in the apps being removed from the Google Play Store particularly for apps which ask for confidential information from the users. Privacy policies are necessary in this case for apps which rank among the top in Google Play Store.

Google will soon delete apps with no privacy policies from Play Store

Not conforming to such policies is in violation of Google’s User Data Policy. Developers with such apps received an email regarding the situation and the consequences related to how the app will be managed by the authorities if they neglect to follow the rules soon. Developers are also informed about the fact that their apps asked confidential data.

Confidential data encompasses data which is obtained as a result of manipulating the phone camera of the user, along with data which originates from the phone’s microphone, and information which is obtained by scrutinizing the contacts and profile details of the phone user. It also comprises of the data from the user’s device. Overall it is the personal data related to the user of such smartphones. Apart from warning the developers, Google gives the necessary information for them to maintain their functioning on the platform.

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Authentication of a privacy policy must be implemented by the designers inside the app they design as well as the Google Play Store page of the app. The details regarding the functioning of the app to obtain, scrutinize and handle confidential data from the user’s phone has to be incorporated in the privacy guidelines.

Google has provided a deadline until March 15th for the developers to implement these details. Neglection of abiding by the rules will result in serious outcomes where the possible fate of the app will be its removal from the Google Play Store.

Google has launched this step after observing what Apple has done. The later has come to the decision that all the iOS apps must implement HTTPS rather than HTTP. This is done to boost the security. However, Apple has not set up a deadline similar to Google or make note of what will happen when the guideline is not observed, however, this is obvious.

Based on an analysis it is said that more than 70 in demand iOS apps are exposed to malicious schemes related to the data. This could be the reason for Apple to implement this guideline, and Google is not far behind in adopting a similar approach.

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It is well accepted that a device cannot possess 100% security to protect itself from invaders who are looking for weak and unguarded spots to attack. Due to the prevalence of hackers, the dominating giants are striving and struggling to incorporate security into their platforms. Apart from looking at this scenario, some non-abiding Google Apps might be ejected from the Play Store for not implementing privacy guidelines.

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