GPS tracker for car no monthly fee

Best Car GPS Tracker No Monthly Fee – Buying Guide 2022

Top 10 Best Personal GPS Tracker For Car No Monthly Fee – Buying Guide 2022

A driver might find himself face to face with innumerable dangers on the road. For this purpose, you need to get the best car GPS tracker no monthly fee.

A GPS tracker can serve as an ideal solution in such cases for safeguarding yourself and your loved ones from the clasps of such hazards.

There was a time when these devices were earmarked against usage by intrepid spies. Coming to present times, anyone wishing for a layer of extra protection can opt for the same.

GPS trackers are pretty simple to use. Once you are done creating a personal account in the manufacturer’s website, you can sync all information by turning on the tracker.

You can also seek out the help of a smartphone application for viewing the tracker’s whereabouts on a real-time basis or on the passage of a stipulated time.

While some hidden gps tracker no monthly fee slip inside the glove box, others attach to your car frame through its magnets and advanced ones plug into your car’s diagnostic system.

Today we are going to take a look at top ten GPS tracker without monthly fees available in the market.

Now we are going to start our discussion by taking a look at some of the basic facts which needs to be kept in mind while purchasing the best car gps tracker no monthly fee.

Things To Keep In Mind While Purchasing The Best GPS Tracker For Car No Monthly Fee

Most of the car free GPS trackers function by transmitting a signal to a piece of software on your smartphone application or computer. Various amounts of data are thereafter displayed by your application or software depending on your package. Coupled with advancement in technology, GPS trackers have become cheaper and its form has undergone a tremendous change ranging from the bog standard wired in devices to OBD port connections. Following are the points you need to ensure before shelling out money on the same:

  • A no fee gps tracker placed under the vehicle needs to be able to keep up with water, moisture, sandstorms, dust and so on. Although a tracker which has been built for withstanding such environmental elements might be priced a bit on the higher side, you are bound to understand its importance once you start braving the foul weather.
  • Portability is another factor which needs to be given adequate thought as the last tracker you would wish for your truck travelling long distances is the one which requires frequent charging.
  • Most of the cheap GPS trackers have hidden costs which include SMS alerts, real time tracking and much more. Thus, it is advisable to go through the cost breakup prior to purchase. Some brands even offer top end trackers for dirt cheap rates and subsequently levy upgradation charges so that you can unleash its full potential.
  • You should also check the compatibility of your GPS tracker for car no monthly fee with the particular model of car that you are driving. This serves as a factor of supreme importance since the device won’t be able to collect all adequate information if it faces compatibility issues which in turn can negatively affect your car’s performance.
  • Since the tracking device collects a large amount of personal information pertaining to your trips, it is essential to check the level of security provided by the application. You need to check the encryption level provided across the entire process by the vendor.
  • Your hidden GPS tracker no monthly fee will usually be accompanied by an application which will collate all the data collected by the device. This app needs to deliver a smooth and intuitive user experience so that you can make the most out of location alerts, live maps etc. If you are purchasing the tracking device from a physical store, then you can request the sales person to provide a live demo of its operations.
  • Data refresh rate as the name suggests refers to how frequently the data points are getting refreshed by your tracker app. The effectivity of your GPS tracker increases as the time latency lowers down and your app refreshes data points on a frequent basis for providing you with accurate real-time information. Having a good refresh rate ensures that you can make the most out of geo-fence alerts. Thus, you will be notified whenever the car crosses a geo-fence and not minutes after the same.

1. Vyncs GPS Tracker

Vehicle tracking device no monthly fee

The Vyncs hidden GPS tracker no monthly fee offers excellent user feedback coupled with an array of features so that you can review the information collated by the vehicle’s computer through the Vync’s software package which can be availed for free from the corporate website. Web based support is also extremely responsive and helpful so that you can get your problems fixed in no time.

Top speed and route of each single trip can be tracked either through the smartphone app or the computer.

The car location gets updated by the device on the passage of every 3 minutes when the car is running. The positioning continues to be broadcasted on the passage of every 30 minutes even when the car is turned off due to its OBD port which stays powered up round the clock.

You can even make out if the device has been unplugged and subsequently plugged in so that your teenagers cannot feed you stories regarding how their smartphone lost signal or went dead as the tracker keeps an eye on your car rather than the phone used by the passenger.

You will not be required to pay any monthly fee while using the Vyncs vehicle tracker available in 38 different countries and running on both 3G and 2G connection. Its state-of-art Accelerometer Chip and GPS can detect unsafe driving and keep you intimated once you opt for a SIM card with a year’s service and data plan.


  • Device identifies every single engine start and keeps a tab on all movement logs until the vehicle is parked.
  • Each trip gets separately identified with multiple time stamps throughout its duration.
  • The system can track the total miles travelled.
  • Amazing connectivity which is provided completely free of cost during the first year of purchase.
  • Sends alerts whenever the device leaves a specific zone.


  • Response might be slow at times.
  • Might not give out completely accurate results.

2. GPSit1000BZL LTE Vehicle Tracking Device

Hidden gps tracker no monthly fee

You can now gain real-time insights on the whereabouts of your car with the GPSit1000BZL vehicle tracking device no monthly fee which can help you in keeping a tab over your vehicle’s mileage, trips, idle time, stop time, odometer, key events, landmark, alerts etc. This GPS tracker for car no monthly fee is one of my favorite one and I personally use it in my car.

This Light Fleet tracker is powered through the standard vehicle power of 12V or 24V and has 3 sets of inputs which can be configured for detecting states of sensors while the 2 outputs exercise control over accessories.

The device installation can be carried out in less than a minute by plugging the Light Fleet tracker in the vehicle’s On Board Diagnostics (OBD) port through 2-wire configuration.

It can also be installed in the 3-wire configuration by simply connecting the Positive (Red), Ignition (White) and Negative (Black) wires together to make the most out of this tracker which keeps a tab on your vehicle’s accurate movements.

It can send location updates every time the vehicle turns and on the passage of every 2 minutes. The rate of server updates tapers down to once every few hours when the vehicle is halted. The unit price includes a year’s service following which a service fee has to be shelled out on a yearly basis.

The unit is installed under the vehicle dashboard and can also be placed in any other clandestine location provided the ground, power and ignition cables are available. The label side needs to face down and you need to ensure that there is no obstruction in the form of metal plate which can block GPS signals.


  • Fantastic customer service.
  • Allows monitoring of speed.
  • Superb alert system.
  • Easy to install if you have basic electric knowledge.


  • Needs to add in more instructions for helping out with the navigation and setting up in the manner you like.

3. BARTUN Vehicles GPS Tracker

GPS tracker with no monthly fee

This IP66 waterproof GPS tracker featuring a dynamic design can be stuck under the car easily without having to worry about the same facing any issues.

However, you will be required to purchase a SIM card separately for unleashing the truest potential of the Bartun vehicle tracker which can run on a standby mode over a stretch of 60 days through its stellar battery support.

You can thus locate and monitor remote targets through compatible apps available in Android and iOS store, SMS notification via Google Map coordinates or simply the web browser coupled with the existing 2G GSM/GPRS network.

The package is accompanied with one USB cable, micro SIM adapter, user manual, eject pin, carry bag and micro sim card adapter. Its built-in 5pcs magnet aids with flexible mounting on every form of available vehicle. Some other attributes of the Bartun tracker which does not charge any monthly fee are Geo fence, movement alarm, real time LBS positioning etc.


  • Can give out accurate locations.
  • Can record daily routes.
  • Can be setup easily.
  • Has a long battery life.
  • Comes with a strong magnet which can be struck everywhere.


  • Device uses just 3G and not 4G LTE network SIM cards making it difficult to identify the network SIM card which has to be used.
  • Instruction manual is not clear.

4. VYNCS Premium Tracker VPOBDGPS2

Car tracking device no monthly fee

You can plug the VPOBDGPS2 directly to your car’s OBD outlet without the requirement of any wiring for gaining complete peace of mind in regards to your vehicle’s whereabouts.

While the first year’s fee is included in the tracker cost, you will be required to pay a yearly fee from the second year onwards. A standard real time GPS tracking which piggybacks on the 3G technology provides updates regarding the vehicle whereabouts on the passage of every 3 minutes.

You can even upgrade the device for benefitting out of 60, 30 and 15 second updates. You can purchase a SIM card with a year’s data plan while the network activation fee has to be paid just for one time.

A year’s service and roadside service subscription stands out as a premium attribute of the car GPS locator which is presently offered in Puerto Rico, Canada and USA.

You can thus travel in comfort without having to worry much about your vehicle breaking down and stranding you in the middle of the road since help will be on its way when the same happens.

Coupled with such features, the Vyncs Premium can serve as the perfect pick for teen drivers as you can set up zones where your teenager will not be permitted to go.

You can also receive arrival notifications as the system keeps track of unsafe driving so that parents can be in loop of their kid’s daily affairs. Accessing data also gets incredibly easy through its accompanying app or the web browser.


  • Easy to install.
  • Can be used both as an IOS app and through its website.
  • Reasonably priced model.
  • Sends an alert when the tracker is plugged back in to the OBD-II port subsequent to its removal.
  • Vyncs provides 24*7 call center support for catering to roadside assistance.
  • No additional cellular carrier subscription or connection is required for tracking the vehicle.


  • You cannot utilise Wi-Fi for connecting your phone while driving.
  • Does not support remote starting of vehicle from the smartphone application.
  • Fuel level can be seen at the end of each trip and not on real-time basis.

5. TkstarGps Tracker TK915

Best personal gps tracker no monthly fee

The Tkstar TK915 is an extremely popular GPS tracker for car no monthly fee which provides a ready-made solution in terms of real-time GPS tracking for providing near accurate vehicle location data. Setting up geographic boundaries or fences can prove to be extremely easy if you wish to gain notifications about your car leaving a specific zone on a real-time basis.

Its 10000 mAh rechargeable battery having ultra large capacity can run on standby mode for a stretch of 120 days after being fully charged. Coupled with its IPX6 waterproof design, you can unleash the fullest potential of this GPS tracker with no monthly fee without having to worry about the rainy season.

The TK915 can firmly hold on to the metal body of cars courtesy its six strong magnets located at the back. The Induction sensor located on its magnetic side can sense the change of light whenever someone tries to take off the tracker and sends you an intimation regarding the same.

In this way, you can accurately track the last position of your lost car. Some other stellar features of this dynamic obd GPS tracker no monthly fee are voice monitor, movement alert, induction sensor, over speed alert, shake sensor, low battery alarm etc. through its GPS/GSM dual mode positioning which offers bang-on accuracy of up to 5 meters.


  • You are bound to be mesmerized with the tracking capabilities once you make use of the TKSTAR Android app and their Web app.
  • Rings an alarm if the tracker is dismounted or moved around.
  • Long battery life.
  • App records 6 months driving history.


  • Enclosed manual could have been better as it does not have the full SMS command list.

6. Automatic PRO AUT-350

GPS tracker no subscription

You can now turn your vehicle into a smart one coupled with the Automatic Pro AUT-350 which hooks up with your car through the OBDII port.

Once you are done with the initial setup, you can enjoy unlimited monitoring of your car without having to incur any additional cost.

Knowing the position of your car at all times can keep you abreast of accident and other mishaps. You can even connect your car with your smart thermostat, Amazon Echo as well as other friends of your digital life for unleashing its fullest potential.

Its Automatic Pro feature can detect if you require any roadside assistance in the aftermath of an accident so that trained professionals can reach out with the same.

The Automatic app available over iOS and Android platforms can help you in gauging the current status of your car as well as fix minor vehicle issues such as checking the engine light from your tablet or smartphone.

Its in-built 3G chip allows you to make the most out of seamless internet connectivity so that you can keep a tab on your vehicle at all times.

The Automatic Pro application can provide you with valuable insights in regards to your driving habits and the ultimate effect it brings on your vehicle.


  • Provides comprehensive data about driving habits.
  • Data collected stays confidential and can only be accessed by you.
  • Easy to explore your driving data through a step by step guide.
  • Clean and attractive web interface which can be navigated easily.


  • The cellular 3G connection might not suffice your needs once you get into any place having patchy network reception.

7. VYNCS Premium GPS Tracker VPOBDGPS1

GPS tracking device no monthly fee

This premium car tracking solution uses 3G wireless networks for transmitting data pertaining to your vehicle trips to your account which can be accessed either through a supporting smartphone app or from the computer.

Ranging from fuel economy to your vehicle’s health, this tracker keeps an eye on all the attributes which might prove to be essential for ensuring its longevity and safety of passengers.

Every trip is tracked automatically through GPS technology so that you get alerted whenever the vehicle is on the move. Vyncs Premium also sends reminders for tire rotation, oil change, brake pads and other maintenance requirements depending upon the service intervals and actual mileage offered.

In this way, you can bring along mammoth savings through fuel economy. Fault codes are reported by this intelligent tracker to inform you about any factory recall notifications of your vehicle.

You can even earn tax benefits as the tracker segregates your business trips from the personal ones. An insurance program is also offered by Vyncs to drivers having good driving scores. The roadside assistance offered by Vyncs can be of extreme help during those stressful situations.


  • Extremely easy to install.
  • Helpful support staff who are available round the clock.
  • Speed statistics and other parameters can be set to be notified via email.
  • Affordable tracker offering best value for money.
  • Does not require the payment of monthly fees.


  • Asks for additional upgrades to expand your potential in terms of faster refresh rate.
  • G-Force detection is way too sensitive.

8. MiCODUS 3G Car GPS Tracker

Best car gps tracker no monthly fee

If you are on the lookout for a pocket-friendly yet highly functional GPS tracker for your vehicle, then the GV20 model of MiCODUS can serve you well.

This highly competitive gadget can keep you posted with real time updates regarding the location of your vehicle as well as information pertaining to its speed, distance travelled and route map.

Its Geo-Fencing system allows setting of a virtual boundary and sends alerts whenever your vehicle enters or leaves that particular area.

Such a feature can help you in exercising greater control over the whereabouts of your vehicle especially if it is driven by your chauffeur or kids.

The OTA GPS car tracker can connect to the Wi-Fi or cellular data for downloading the firmware once you send the command.

This is followed by the updating process which takes within 3-5 minutes to complete. Its fuel cut-off feature further adds up to its safety meter especially in the event of theft.

The main motive of a GPS tracker is to help out in locating the vehicle. However, if any of your passengers or driver tries to meddle with the same, then you will be sent a tamper alert in your synced smartphone.

The device will however keep on tracking coupled with its backup battery which provides adequate time to the car owner to enquire in deep about the gravity of the situation.


  • Real time GPS tracker sends an over-speed alarm whenever your car crosses the speed limit of 120km/hour.
  • IP65 water and dust resistant tracking device which can be used throughout the year without having to worry much about its damage.
  • Versatile GPS tracker which is compatible with both 3G and 2G SIM cards.
  • Does not levy any monthly fee and can be availed without having to incur any expense throughout its life.
  • Can guarantee less than 10 meters of location accuracy.
  • Fully-featured device which can be used in bus, vehicle and motorcycle tracking.


  • Works only under cellular coverage.

9. CaGuan Mini Portable Magnet GPS Tracker

Cheap gps tracker

If you are always worried about the location of your children, aged parents, pets and vehicles, then this mini GPS tracker from CaGuan can cater to your needs in an efficient fashion.

All you need to do is download its companion GPS 356 app in your smart device for gaining knowledge about its real-time locations completely for free.

The unique IMEI number of each device serves as the login code for the app through which you can sign in and bind the device.

You can set the data upload interval in accordance with your preference ranging from 30 seconds to 120 minutes for gaining knowledge about precise positioning.

Its geo location feature helps in setting up a virtual fence so that the tracker can inform you whenever the same is breached.

You can even listen to the sounds through the voice monitoring function of this ferromagnetic tracker.

The strong magnet present at the back of this tracker gets absorbed by all iron and magnetic products while its small size helps in camouflaging the same especially while using it on suspects.

This versatile tracker can save historical data pertaining to one whole year which can be viewed as per preference.

Its built-in 600 mAh lithium-ion battery can keep the tracker running for long so that you can get all your suspicions cleared before it’s too late.


  • Tracker is compatible with Google Maps thus opening up greater possibilities ahead of you.
  • Highly magnetic tracker can be easily transfixed to a frame.
  • Has a very easy learning curve which helps in setting up the device and getting to know about its features in an easy manner.
  • Has pretty accurate GPS which helps in gauging its exact location with superb precision.
  • Lightweight tracker ranking high in the department of portability.
  • Battery lasts for about 4-5 days.


  • Does not show the speed of the car.
  • SIM card has to be purchased separately.

10. VIFLYKOO Real Time GPS Tracking System

GPS tracker for car no monthly fee

You can get to know the location history of your car for three months with the VIFLYKOO GPS tracker which comes with an astonishing 12000 mAh battery to keep the device running for 2 months while working with full charge and a year on standby mode.

You can thus use it conveniently for your car without having to worry about charging on a frequent basis. Coupled with such attributes, the GPS tracker can serve as the perfect solution for keeping a tab on teens, elderly persons, spouses and other assets.

The platform service does not require any monthly fee and you can get to know about the precise positioning of your vehicle through the free of cost tracking service which can be availed by installing a compatible app in your iOS or android smartphone.

The waterproof device can also be used during rainy season however it requires the backing of 2G network for functioning effectively. The five strong magnets help this tracker in clinging firmly to the metal surfaces of your vehicle.

Some of the other features of the VIFLYKOO GPS tracker are route replay, low battery alert, voice monitoring etc.


  • Compact sized tracker which can be placed easily inside the vehicle.
  • IPX6 waterproof rating to keep it going through splashes and occasional rain.
  • Mammoth battery capacity of 12000 mAh.
  • Can be used for tracking the whereabouts of your valuable assets and loved ones round the clock.


  • GPS device works only on 2G GSM network.

Types of Tracking Systems

Mostly, there are two kinds of GPS tracking system that is active and passive.

Active tracking GPS transmits data through a satellite link. You can get true information just through a single click by a website or the app. Through this, you can track the exact location of the vehicle and you can also backtrack the journey of your vehicle. Along with that, you can also keep a check on the limit of the speed and the places your vehicle went.

Whereas passive tracking does not allow the transmission of data but it stays connected to the GPS satellite. The passive tracker is able to store the data internally which makes you remove the GPS from the vehicle to attach with your gadgets. Through that, you can easily get the history of your vehicle. The disadvantage of the passive tracker is that it is unable to provide you the exact information i.e. time so you cannot locate the vehicle when missing.


How to track your car?

The best way to track your car is to install a GPS tracker. There are different types of GPS trackers for cars, your main focus should be to buy GPS tracker for car no monthly fee or any other hidden costs.

Where to install GPS tracking devices for cars?

GPS tracking devices for cars can be installed in numerous places:

  • Car’s interior: inside the seats, under the carpets, inside the gloves pocket
  • Car’s frame: for example in the front or rear bumper
  • Car’s On Board Diagnostics (OBD) port: this is the system that monitors the car’s computer systems

How to put a tracker on a car?

Before installing the GPS tracker on your car, you need to ensure that the signal strength will be sufficient to receive GPS satellite signal. In that case, the best places are the ones that will have easy access towards the sky without many plastic or foam surfaces in the way. So for example the roof or the dashboard are good choices.

If you are looking for a more hidden position such as under the seat, make sure that the signal will still be strong. Overall you need to find the balance between visibility and signal strength.

Depending on where you place your GPS tracker, the installation method will be different. You could use waterproof tape to install it in the car’s frame or just drop it in one of the car’s interior storage compartments. Generally, it is an easy DIY task to do but don’t forget to synchronize your phone with the GPS before the installation.


As we hope for the best things to happen in life, negativity always finds a way of catching up and making us face difficult situations. The real worth of a car tracker can be felt in such scenarios.

Whether your car has been stolen or you find yourself stranded in an unknown road, these intelligent gadgets ensure that help is on its way at all times.

Starting from speed monitoring to pinpoint location assistance, the best car GPS tracker no monthly fee can serve a multitude of functionalities as they come with powerful built-in magnets for sticking firmly to your car’s metal body.

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