Great Reasons To Move To Palm Springs

Great Reasons To Move To Palm Springs

When you plan to move to a new town, city, or state, you must do some research beforehand to ensure the new location is a perfect fit for your needs and lifestyle. Many people choose to move to a sunny and warm climate for the year-round favorable weather, outdoor activities, and blue skies.

If you are one of the many looking to relocate to Palm Springs, don’t worry – you’re not alone. Although this is a big move, there are numerous reasons people from all over the country and worldwide choose to move to this beautiful, sunny, and friendly area, see more here to find out the best location for your move.

5 Reasons to Move to Palm Springs

Sunny Weather All Year!

For those who need some Vitamin D in their life, Palm Springs is the place to be. If you are used to freezing temperatures and cloudy skies, Palm Springs will be the complete opposite, giving you a much-needed dose of hot weather and unrelenting sunshine.

When looking for Palm Springs real estate that fits your needs, try finding a home or apartment with a cool and breezy cross-wind to cool you off during the 100 degree summer days.

Close to Other Cities

Finding Palm Springs real estate is a great move for your budget and your sanity. This city’s location is so close to other major cities, like Los Angeles and San Diego, but at a fraction of the price.

Plenty of Outdoor Activities

When moving to Palm Springs, you may be nervous that there won’t be enough things for you to do after work or on the weekends. Fortunately, there is a never-ending list of things to do in Palm Springs in the sunny weather, like hiking, biking, rock climbing, golfing, or strolling around the museums in the area.

As you search for Palm Springs real estate, try and look for accommodation near one of the many cultural attractions.

Did someone say luxury?

No matter how relaxed you are, everyone can go for a spa day. Palm Springs is typically referred to as the ‘Spa City’ of California, with plenty of natural mineral baths in the area to help rejuvenate you after a long week of work.

Family-friendly Environment

If you are looking to start a family, start looking for Palm Springs real estate! A family-friendly city that can work for people of all ages, this city boasts affordable healthcare and a low cost of living.

Palm Springs Real Estate Data

  • The housing expenses in Palm Springs are 50% higher than the national average, with the median home price coming to $520,321 and the median rent price being around $1,630 per month.
  • Transportation expenses, such as bus or train fares, are 15% higher than the national average. The price of gas is $3.01/gallon.


Despite the cost of living being higher in Palm Springs than in other cities around the country, the outdoor lifestyle, sunny weather, affordable healthcare, family-friendly environment, and numerous options regarding Palm Springs real estate make this a great location to move to in the near future.

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