Health Conditions Veterans Face and The Prevalence of Mesothelioma in Veterans

Health Conditions Veterans Face and The Prevalence of Mesothelioma in Veterans

Have you wondered why many people are reluctant about joining the military? The main reason is due to the health concerns associated with the career. The veterans are exposed to harsh working conditions, which risks their health. The common health concerns are range from mental health disorders such as PTSD and depression, chronic pain, amputation of limbs, and conditions spanning from exposure to dangerous materials. One serious condition is asbestos exposure, which can lead to mesothelioma cancer.

Mesothelioma is a type of cancer that affects the lungs, stomach, or heart. The symptoms of mesothelioma can take up to 30 years before manifesting. Therefore, most of the patients realize they have cancer when it is already late. Among the common symptoms are chest pains, loss of appetite, and coughing blood. These symptoms can be associated with other lung complications. A substantial number of people suffering from mesothelioma take painkillers to treat chest pains. Others take medication to boost their appetite. These people do not know the best thing to do is be screened for mesothelioma. Click here to find out more information about this deadly cancer. The worst part about mesothelioma is that it has no cure. Hence, doctors need to detect it early before getting to a fatal stage. When detected early, the symptoms can be managed to prolong the veteran’s life.

30% of the people suffering from mesothelioma are veterans. This indicates that they are at a high risk of developing cancer. In their line of work, they get exposed to asbestos. When inhaled, the asbestos fibers result in mesothelioma. Many veterans who served in the 19780s are suffering from mesothelioma because they were frequently exposed to asbestos.

The health concerns of benefits were not widely known until the 1980s. The manufactures of fireproofing materials using asbestos knew the health risks involved but kept the issue a secret. This exposed many veterans to asbestos, thus increasing their chances of developing cancer. The good news is that US veterans suffering from mesothelioma can get compensation.

The VA disability compensations are allocated to individuals who can prove that they developed the condition. Therefore, if you served in the military and are experiencing mesothelioma symptoms, it is advisable to get diagnosed. The evidence will help you get tax-free compensations to help deal with the condition.

In addition to financial benefits, veterans can access quality medical care. The patients can receive treatment from the world’s best mesothelioma doctors for free or at a small fee. This program has enabled mesothelioma veterans to get all the care they need to manage the condition. The programs help improve their life’s quality by reducing the financial and emotional burden they might bring on their families. Once a veteran has noticed the symptoms of mesothelioma, it is important to get screened. This will allow the doctors to offer them the necessary help. There has been a reduction in the use of asbestos in the military to reduce mesothelioma cases.

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