Hesperus – New Initiative by iPhone App Development Team for Users

Hesperus is a simple, user friendly and a free customizable homekit app intended by proficient iPhone app development team for users. Existing users of iOS HomeKit home automation framework must have noticed that there is no UI beyond Siri.

Hesperus applicatoin on iPhone

HomeKit app assists connect functionality between several smart home accessories that are having their own connected apps using Siri. However, officials did not release a Home app in the similar manner it made Health for HealthKit.

iOS users depend on a folder with the collection of third party apps from accessory makers. Others use highly functional and costly third-party app named as Home to provide HomeKit the UI it requires. Hesperus is a latest app that is free to download and use. It has great UI that user can easily customize.

There are lots of benefits of using HomeKit controller app. Hesperus is among such apps that rule on your smart home. Once you invest in connected lightbulbs from one company, wi-fi thermostat from another and smart switches from another company, you just need single Hesperus app and not three different apps with different features to run them.

Robust HomeKit app solutions enable you to create zones and scenes and triggers that help in continuing the automation than a Siri command here and there. If you ask Siri users, they will tell you about their HomeKit experience, which is definitely not satisfying.

Siri is a small interaction percentage with physical switches, programmed rules, and iOS apps making up the majority of their home automation.

What Does Hesperus Bring For Its Users?

Hesperus homekit on iPhone

  • Control – Hesperus supports several HomeKit accessories. The state of each accessory will be shown at right side of the dashboard in order to keep up with everything in the house with just a glance. Almost all the accessories perform basic operations with a single tap. If there are some complex controls, Hesperus offers a vivid and elegant control panel.
  • Manage – Organizing things is always a better idea. Hesperus iPhone app lets you to organize your accessories simply with rooms and zones and you can use a minimalistic icon to every space as it will help you determine the space. You can even rename and place every accessory to the referred place so that Siri can perform well with HomeKit.
  • Automation – Hesperus app offers convenience. There is an interactive scene editor as well that lets you to create and make edits in HomeKit scenes directly. The created scenes can be then executed by Siri with a single swipe. It also helps in automating lots of repeated tasks in your routine life with a few taps.

This app is surely a great initiative by iPhone app development experts to give a comfortable life to smart home owners.

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