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4 Home Décor Tips That Will Make All the Difference

Having a home is a good thing but making the home a nice place to live in is a task on its own. The ambiance of your home communicates a lot of messages about your personality and a nicely made up home gives warmth to your heart and to that of your visitors. Your home should not only be a place of your resort at the end of each day, but it should also offer you an environment that brings about your comfort and your guests. So, having an awesome and unique home décor is of a priority to a homeowner and the comfort it offers is greatly affected by the choice you make on the different home décor aspect such as choosing a theme, color and lighting, layout, furniture, and home accessories and slide rail systems usage.

If you are thinking of what/which top-notch home décor to go for out of many choices, here are some unique interior design tips that you can easily adapt with a minimal cost and effort which will make all the difference:

1. Rooms feel larger with the right paint color

Painting rooms, especially rooms that are smaller in size, with softer and lighter colors make the room feel a bit larger than it is. An example of a small-sized living room that has large windows, mirrors, big chairs, round top tables, and all other things will tend to get cramped up. However, if it is well-arranged and painted in light colors, the natural light entering through the door and windows will reflect the color and its softness, creating an optical illusion thereby making the room look larger. Conversely, painting rooms in darker colors will only make the room feel smaller than it is. So, endeavor to stick to light colors like beige or grey, or neutral colors on the walls especially where the flow is necessary.

2. Arrange Your furniture and Scale artwork to your wall

Avoid pushing all the furniture in your home to the walls, this makes the room look nice and feel larger. Your living room must be attractive and welcoming. You can achieve this by having your furniture arranged with a touch of balanced and intimacy. That is, furniture should be placed in a way that invites conversation. It is a nice idea if you can either have a sofa facing two chairs at both ends of a round top coffee table or have a sofa, a coffee table at the center and two chairs at the other end of the table. Check out Diyza for more information.

Scaling artwork to the walls of your home is not totally out of place. It adds a touch of liveliness to your home, especially when you have a taste for nature drawings and photographs. It should be noted that it should be hung at a height where the middle of the picture will be at eye level. For a large wall scale, it’s often nice to go for a big oversize piece of art or perhaps the gallery-style of smaller pieces collection which is about 2-4inches apart.

3. Use stylish countertops

One interesting part of home décor is having a well-organized and comfortable kitchen. It is believed that the kitchen is the heart of every home, whether small or large because it is where all the meals are prepared. Nowadays, kitchens have more functions than for cooking. Kitchens have started to be made living spaces, which has become a more popular act in modern families as the day goes by. This gives us more reasons to give attention to applying internal styling to kitchens in the home.

The major part of kitchen styling is to have well-fitted countertops, of which marble countertops are widely used. Marble countertops are best for homes because of their durability, versatility, and beauty. Although due to the increase in demand, the price of these countertops is not fixed, nevertheless they are very affordable, as described here. In cost per square foot, marble countertops have the average minimum cost of $40, the average maximum cost of $100 and an average cost of $60.

4. Layer your lighting

Every room in a home should have these three kinds of lighting: ambient, task, and accent. Ambient is basic, it often proceeds from the ceiling fixtures and it provides the general illumination of the room; Task is often found being used in the kitchen fixed over the kitchen Island or in the library fixed over a reading nook; and Accent which has a decorative and highlighting attribute. In a real application for a living room, there should be a minimum of 3 watts per square foot. And it is believed that positioning a torchiere, or rather canister light in a corner of a room will make the room feel bigger by casting a glow on its ceiling. Therefore, arrange your lighting in such a way that it will bring a touch of beauty, warmth, and comfort into your home.

The bottom line is that you should have your home treated honorably by going for some nice and quality décor.

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