How IT Services Can Help Grow Your Business

How IT Services Can Help Grow Your Business

The computer terminology for businesses today sounds a bit like alphabet soup. You need IT services to manage your LAN, SaaS, and VoIP.

Your specialty might be marketing or sports coaching or chiropractic, but you need computers to accomplish your career mission. You need not go it alone with such a range of IT services in Boston from which to choose. You need to speak the lingo to know what you need though.

Types of Services

You can choose from three types of Information Technology (IT) services: managed services, on-demand, or network setup. Managed services offer you ongoing IT support on a monthly subscription plan. This typically includes remote support as well as office visits.

On-demand IT provides you computer services in a manner similar to ordering from a menu a la carte. You only purchase the exact service you want at that time, such as a hard drive replacement or server backup. Network setup refers to when IT personnel set up your local area network(LAN) or your cloud network for you. Once it gets set up, you take overusing it and administering it.

What can IT services provide?

From setting up your computers and network when you first begin your business to help you set up the server for your website, IT services help you. The same IT service can fix your company’s laptop when the hard drive dies or clean the office computers when they become infected with a Trojan. The company with which you contract will also install or upgrade your computers’ security and anti-malware software when the latter occurs.

Whether you choose managed or on-demand IT services, you can have the firm set up your cloud apps, also referred to as Software as a Service (SaaS). Using SaaS options lets you always have the latest, most up-to-date software and easily scale by increasing your subscription without needing to install software to office computers. Any computer needs you can think of, an IT service firm can provide.

Ways IT Services Benefit You

Perhaps you think it more efficient to hire a full-time IT technician or staff. Most startups and small businesses would find that cost-prohibitive though. A part-time hire of a qualified individual would cost between$25,000 to $30,000. Choosing managed or n demand, services can save you a significant amount of money, but there is a multitude of reasons to contract for IT services.

  • You pay a set monthly cost for computer services that costs much less than the cost of hiring personnel.
  • Technology upgrades and preventative maintenance reduce business disruptions by moving your company away from the break/fix support model.
  • Contracting for IT services provides you with a single point of contact so you obtain the support you need in a quicker manner.
  • Your company experiences improved security and more frequent data backups.
  • IT professionals set up cloud apps and manage infrastructure for your firm that scales with you.
  • You free up time to grow your business since you do not need to hire, train, and manage multiple IT personnel. The IT service firm also handles locating and managing IT-related vendors.

You can achieve more and scale more easily by using IT services. Save money while reducing business disruptions by leveraging local IT services.

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