Paternity Test Cost

How Much Does DNA Paternity Testing Cost?

Getting a deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) paternity test is a common and reliable way to determine an alleged father’s biological relationship with a specific child. By assessing different genetic markers, these tests can determine paternity with an astounding 99.9 percent accuracy. This ensures that you can get the answers you need while having full confidence in their reliability.

Before you take this test, it’s crucial to learn about the differences in paternity test cost, execution, and credibility. Visit site, here’s a lowdown on this critical test and its important factors to help you understand the nuances.

The Cost of a Paternity Test Depends on How You Take It

Thanks to the advancements made in the past few decades, you can now take a paternity test through more than one method. Specifically, this includes ordering home testing kits from online vendors and visiting a lab in person.

Apart from their different methods of execution, these tests also vary by their costs. By default, home testing kits come at a lower initial price as compared to walk-in lab tests. For instance, a home testing kit is typically available in the range of $20-$25. Whereas, a lab test usually falls between the range of $150-$200.

However, that is not the full disclosure of the cost. Home testing kits do not perform the full test itself. Instead, they are collection kits that only get the DNA samples from the alleged father and the child before analyzing them in a clinical setting through lab technicians. This processing cost typically adds another $130-$150 to the home paternity test cost.

On the other hand, the costs outlined by in-person lab tests include the sample collection as well as the analysis process. This particular difference in marketing or communication often creates some confusion, which is why it’s important to keep this distinction in mind.

Cheaper is Not Better When It Comes to Paternity Testing

While the typical cost of home testing kits goes above $20 in addition to the lab testing price, some kits claim to do it all within half the price. Remember, however, that cheaper is not better when it comes to accurate paternity testing. To maintain their accuracy, reliable labs and testing kit manufacturers need to fulfill certain costs. If someone offers the same services at unrealistic prices, it often means that you can’t have the same confidence in their results.

That is why you need to be vigilant while choosing paternity test providers. This holds whether you are making your selection between home testing kits or choosing from nearby walk-in labs.

Legally Admissible Tests Come at a Higher Price Tag

Another thing that you need to keep in mind for paternity test cost is why you are taking the test in the first place. If it is for personal reasons only, then the costs remain as defined above. However, if your goal is to submit the evidence in court, then the samples have to be taken at designated labs with an approved witness. This adds additional costs to the process, which often get your total expense around the $350-$400 range. In some areas, these prices can even go higher.

By keeping this information in mind, you can ensure to get the type of paternity test that fulfills your requirements without any issues. Just make sure that you are reaching out to a credible provider so that you can steer clear of any problems with the test results.

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