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How To Achieve Business Success Through Employer Branding

Employer branding is the process of promoting your company or an organization to attract talents in a job market and make your business as their top choice. Besides using it as a way to attract potential job candidates, employer branding is very important for retaining current employees as well.

Many businesses are struggling to find top talents for vacant job positions considering the large number of competing recruiters in the job market. Having an effective employer branding in place will help you stand out among other companies looking for new hires. A strong employer brand has direct impact on talent acquisition as it can increase the number of qualified applicants since candidates are usually looking at the reputation of the company before considering a new job.

Employment branding isn’t just beneficial in attracting new talent as it can also be used to retain current employees in your company. Less employees are likely to leave if they feel happy in a comfortable working environment and the other great benefits that comes along with it. Thus, decreasing employee turnover, saving you time and money from recruiting and training new hires.

Tips in Planning an Effective Employer Branding Strategy

Building a powerful employer brand could be a daunting task but once you finally put the pieces together it would be the backbone of your recruiting strategy.

Plan the short-term and long-term goals. The first step to an effective employer branding strategy is to set goals that is aligned on your business’ needs. This includes both the short-term and long-term goals. Take note of every task you desire to accomplish within a span of time, anything that should be added in the organization such as new products or services you want to offer, as well as the skill set of the person who is perfect in achieving those tasks.

Identify the target candidate persona. Upon setting goals, you must list down criterias for your target candidate. This will help you filter out applicants and easily find who is perfect for the new position you need in your company.

Aside from the basic qualifications such as employer background, educational attainment and skill-sets, you may also include checking out the personal goals, motivation and interests of a target candidate.

Define employee value proposition. Today, the process of recruitment has changed. Although you have a choice in picking who fits best in the vacant position in your business, the potential candidate still have the power to say no to your job offer, that’s why defining your employee value proposition is very important. While the main goal of applicants is to not remain unemployed, most job seekers are still looking for organizations that will bring impact to the advancement of their careers. Setting values you can offer to employees will not only enthrall your target candidate but will also retain the best employees.

Pick the best platforms to promote your employer brand. One great way to promote your employer brand is through creating your own website. Promoting your employer brand through your own channel will add legitimacy to your business. You may also create a page on social media platforms and well-known job boards. Lastly, you may invest a little on paid ads to reach out a wider range of individuals and other businesses.

Monitor employer branding results. Part of creating an effective employer branding strategy is to monitor results. This will help you identify processes to eliminate and allocate additional tactics needed in recruiting and retaining employees.

Despite the fact that many tasks are being handled by artificial intelligence and hi-tech machines, there are still a lot of jobs and tasks that only humans can do. For this reason, learning how to recruit the best candidate, defining company values and creating activities in retaining employees is very important not only in building your employer brand but also in achieving success in your business as a whole.


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