How to Avoid Bedbugs while Traveling

How to Avoid Bedbugs While Traveling: 7 Things to Consider

There was a time when everyone started to believe that bedbugs are completely eradicated from various places including North America, Europe, and Africa. But now, the population of these bedbugs is again rising, and can be seen commonly in many places like Hotels, Motels etc.

Many experts agree to the fact that, the population of these pests rising again because of the elimination of very strong pesticides like DDT, and this played a common role in their comeback.

These small creatures can cause severe itching when they bite. The blood-sucking bedbugs are seemed to present in every country from the United States to China. Suppose, you’re traveling in a new country, and then you reach a hotel. Everything is great, but suddenly you feel something is biting you. The whole joy goes away.

These small pests can be found even in the luxurious 5-star hotels. But, there is a solution to this problem. You can still avoid and find these Bedbugs while traveling. In the below, we have shared how you can fight them.

1. Investigate the Hotel

Before doing reservation to any particular hotel, first, investigate about it. Check the reviews of the customers, if they reported any bug problems in their rooms. Even if you need to call the hotel staff, then don’t hesitate to ask them about this problem. This is one of the first you should do when heading to a hotel.

2. Check your Room

If you are staying in a hotel and you’re afraid that there can be bedbugs then you should definitely take the precautions. For doing a checkup of your room, you don’t need any special tools.

First, inspect the mattresses and sheets if they’re present. Properly check the doors, walls, and the ceilings. If you find anything in your room that can be related to bedbugs or such type of insects then immediately call the hotel staff.

Avoid the conversation from the hotel staff and adjusting in an infected room will make you a victim of these little blood sucking insects.

3. Protect your Luggage

Placing your clothes in a drawer is a bad idea where you might get those bugs; therefore hang your clothes in the room. Don’t put your luggage on the floor. After entering in the room of your hotel, first, wrap your luggage in a plastic which will give you extra protection.


There are many zip-up bags available which you can use for this purpose, and these are also not costly. You can easily find them in many stores, and they sell them just because of this purpose, and travelers generally buy them.

4. Teach your Kids

Whenever you visit any hotel, teach your children why you’re doing the thorough checkup of the bed sheets and furniture. Children can be affected by them much easier than adults because they don’t aware of this problem.

5. Move 2 Floors Away

If you suspect that any room is be affected by these little creatures then take any room which is at least two floors above it. These bedbugs can reach to the next room from electric sockets and wallboards. You can find them on the walls, doors, and the ceilings; therefore moving as far as possible from the infected room is a good choice which you can make.

6. Do a thorough Body Checkup

This is highly necessary and one of the most important things which everyone should do who lives in a bedbug infested area. Sometimes, these bedbugs stick to our body, keep sucking our blood and we don’t even know about that. Therefore, every day before going to bed, check your whole body for any bedbugs. Bite marks are also an indication of these little creatures.


7. Make your Post Vacation Plan

After coming back your home from a vacation inspect your suitcases thoroughly. You can use a vacuum cleaner to properly clean your luggage after removing all your clothes from it. Wash your clothes properly, even those which you didn’t wear in the vacation. For washing clothes, use a hot water because according to experts, these bedbugs can’t survive in the hot water, nearly 122 Fahrenheit’s.


These bedbugs can be very irritating for all of us. These bugs can’t just eliminate from the all the countries. But, we take the precautions above mentioned then you can easily protect yourself from these insects.

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