How to Avoid the Hassle of Dealing With Terrible Tenants

How to Avoid the Hassle of Dealing With Terrible Tenants

Renting out an apartment can be a nice way of making extra cash every month. We all need to save some money for a rainy day. Unfortunately, not all tenants are good to deal with. Some tenants give you a hard time and make you regret the whole idea of renting your apartment no matter how much you benefit. There are ways to deal with these tenants to make sure you don’t suffer for long.

We have gathered some tips that can help you avoid dealing with terrible tenants in the future or deal with the ones you are currently renting your apartment to. First of all, let us identify a terrible tenant.

Who Is a Terrible Tenant

A terrible tenant is simply someone who is giving you a hard time. This can be in the form of not paying the rent on time, vandalism, or any violation of the lease agreement that you have. There are ways for you to fight back that do not include eviction, or that consider eviction a last resort; let us go through them.

1. Remind Them With Rent Due Date

At the end of the day, your tenants are probably employees just like you are and they have hectic lifestyles like most of us do. If the problem is that they often forget to pay on time then it would not be a huge deal if you remind them before the payment day comes. We understand that it might be difficult for you to do that as well, but it might save you all a lot of unneeded hassle. Try to create reminders for yourself and consider it a chore to be done. It could also be helpful if you can make the payment date itself memorable like the first day of each month, that way it would be easier for the both of you to remember it.

2. Ask for Help

There are professionals that can help when matters get tough. It is their job to manage all matters related to real estate and property issues. You cannot handle everything on your own, hiring a professional would make it easier for you if matters are harder than just a few days of payment delay. They have programs that protect you in case your tenants lose their income at some point and they also help you protect your property.

3. Document Everything

Before handing them the keys to the apartment, make sure you take pictures of the place and make the tenant sign a condition report that describes the state of everything inside the apartment from floor to ceiling. Whenever any incident takes place, make sure to document it as well, it would be difficult to fight for your rights if you have no proof of what took place.

Tips to help you avoid dealing with terrible tenants

4. Send Your Tenant a Warning Letter

An official warning letter may be what your tenant needs to change his actions, especially if these actions are repetitive. Sometimes we need something like this to show us how serious the situation is. Keep a filed document of this dated letter with you together with the other papers we mentioned above. Save these papers for future reference as you might need them if the situation between you and your tenant becomes tense. We do not encourage you to involve the police or take any legal actions if the situation does not call for it. However, it would not be harmful if you were prepared for it.

5. Report Illegal Actions

As much as we all hate to escalate matters, if you are sure that any illegal activities are taking place in your apartment you have to report them immediately. Knowing that something illegal is going on and not reporting it is definitely not the right thing to do. However, we advise you to make sure before you contact the authorities as a misunderstanding would not make things better between you and your tenant in any case.

6. No More Renewals

It goes without saying that if your tenant is constantly bothering you and making the whole renting process more of a problem for you than it is a benefit, then there is no need for renewals. It might be hard to wait for a renewal date but sometimes the problems you face with tenants are not big enough to call for eviction but still not small enough for you to tolerate one more contract, especially if the contract is for more than a year.

It is very tempting to go for the option of renting your apartment and take the opportunity of this passive revenue stream. However, this step is a double-edged weapon because if the tenant turns out to be some sort of trouble maker you can lose your peace of mind which is more valuable than money. Luckily though, there are ways you can handle these situations like consulting pros and making agreements that can ensure payment regardless of the tenant’s financial status.

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