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How to Check Whether the Chocolate Supplier Is Selling You Good Quality Chocolates?

Chocolate is a name that makes everyone’s eyes glisten. It is said that chocolates are the best mood uplifting food for obvious reasons. But with chocolate so highly in demand, there have emerged several low-quality chocolate suppliers that offer a sweet tasting item with a hint of cocoa and call it a chocolate. But we all know that a quality chocolate has to have a minimum of 50-70% of cocoa solids content.

There are several types of chocolates like milk, dark, nutty, etc. People often ask which is the best type of chocolate. I always think there is no way to decide which is the best type. It depends on the taste buds of an individual. But, you can always test whether the chocolate you are buying from the chocolate suppliers is of good and authentic quality or not. If you know how to test the quality of the chocolate you are buying from chocolate suppliers, you will never end up with low quality of chocolates. The first tip is to always buy chocolates of renowned brands.

All the famous chocolate brands have selected chocolate suppliers that form their supply chain. So, suppliers selling branded chocolates are easy to spot. In case you are trying out a local brand from a chocolate supplier, you do not just have to take the supplier’s word for the quality of chocolates. You can conduct your own tests and then conclude the quality levels. All the quality tests are sensory based tests and so you can easily learn to test the quality of the chocolate like a pro when you visit the chocolate supplier.

4 Steps for Conducting a Chocolate Quality Test:

#1. Observe: You can always visit the manufacturing facility of a chocolate supplier to know how they make chocolate and then determine the quality. But, if you have keen eyes, it can save you a trip to the manufacturing facility. You do not need the details of the manufacturing methods to spot the differences between high-quality chocolates and low-quality ones. Good chocolate appears glossy with no blemishes or bubbles. Any signs of grey areas, cloudy spots or patches of discoloration tell a story of the manufacturing blemishes. A sign of good chocolate is smoothness in its looks with a continuous and a shiny surface.

#2. Smell: The nose is capable of savoring the aroma of a good chocolate. A high-quality chocolate, when sniffed gives the sweet and strong smell of chocolate that everyone is well aware of. In case there are other smells mixed with it like frozen or a spicy scent, it means that the chocolate has been stored improperly while being delivered to the chocolate suppliers. The chocolate may have been frozen for extended periods or may have been stored along with other food items with a strong food scent.

#3. Listen: The quality can also be determined based on the sound the chocolate makes when it is broken. Break a piece of chocolate with your hands. A good chocolate should make a clean, crisp snap when broken. This is clearly evident in case of dark chocolates. In case of milk and white chocolates, they tend to bend a little because of the high sugar and milk content. But, under no circumstances should a chocolate bar crumble when you try to break it. If that happens, you are buying an extremely low-quality chocolate.

#4. Taste: Last but not the least, putting a small chocolate piece in your mouth and noticing the feels on your tongue is a quality test for chocolates. Put a chocolate piece and see whether it melts easily in your mouth. All chocolates have a melting temperature equivalent to the temperature within a human’s mouth. Dark chocolates may take more time in melting while milk and white chocolates melt sooner.

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