How to Choose a CCW Holster

How to Choose a CCW Holster

All 50 states allow you to carry a concealed weapon. Some states make permitting more difficult than others, but in a nation founded on important freedoms, your right to bear arms is inalienable.

The question remains: How will you carry your weapon? With so many types of concealed carry holsters flooding the market, choosing your brand of concealment has become a very personal choice for many gun owners. There are a few questions you can ask to help you make the right choice.

1. Does it Fit?

Defensive carry holsters are very personal to each wearer and should be sized as such. Make sure your choice fits snuggly but also doesn’t construct or restrict your movement. If the holster doesn’t fit correctly, you’ll likely spend your days uncomfortable, unnecessarily encumbered, and standing out in a crowd for the strange bulge on your ribs.

Try it on the run, jump, and shake. If the holster stays in place and comfortable, you’re on the right track. If not, move on.

2. Is it Easy to Use?

While nobody wants to have to use their concealed weapon, the fact is that you wear one so that you can should the need arise. When you’re shopping for holsters, do so with the worst-case scenario in mind. If you need to pull your weapon, can you?

Some specifics questions to consider: Can you access and pull your weapon quickly and discreetly? Can you pull your weapon with either hand? Can you pull your weapon from a seated position or from the driver’s seat in your car?

3. Is it Safe?

As a responsible gun owner, you know that safety is paramount in your practice. You likely have a strict list of safety rules for your weapon. That shouldn’t stop when it comes to concealing your weapon.

There are two major points of safety to consider. First, your holster should secure your weapon. Some holsters fail to keep your weapon in place under stress. This may be another good time to test the product’s ability while running, rolling, or wrestling.

The second point of safety emphasis is the trigger. Your holster should cover and protect the trigger. Without a trigger guard (that does not inhibit ease-of-use), a holster can be ineffectual at protecting you, let alone the people around you.

Your right to carry a concealed weapon is sacred, as is your responsibility to do it the right way. The concealment method and holstering options you choose are a big part of that responsibility. Take the time to make the right decision and you’ll be happy you did.

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