How To Choose The Perfect Casket For Your Loved One

How To Choose The Perfect Casket For Your Loved One

Protecting your loved ones with the best care and protection possible is not just important during one’s own life, but also in the life to come. Unfortunately, it often times costs an arm and a leg just to give your deceased loved ones the final resting place they would have wanted. Not only are funerals themselves quite expensive in this day in age, but so too is choosing the perfect casket for the one you have recently lost.

The the first thing we tell our families is that all caskets do the same thing; they provide a vehicle to place a loved one in for a ceremony and an interment. The differences between caskets reflect the raw materials they are made from and the type of finish, hardware (handles), and interiors that are used. The more elaborate the finish and details, along with the use of more expensive wood or metal species used, the more it will cost to make, and therefore, the more it will costs to buy.

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We suggest our families select a casket based upon their personal preference regarding its look and cost-not because you believe it will protect your loved one from the elements. No caskets or vaults protect human remains from decomposition, no matter how much you spend. Whether it has a seal to keep water and air out or whether it is made of solid bronze, there are no assurances that anyone can provide that the deceased will not decompose. In fact, decomposition is natural when someone passes away. By spending more, you may delay the inevitable, but you won’t avoid it indefinitely.

Types of Caskets

Most caskets sold today are made form either steel or hardwood. You can find caskets made from fiberglass or particleboard with a cloth covering but most people in the U.S. select either metal or wood.

Metal caskets are stamped from sheets of steel. Different thicknesses of steel used to stamp the caskets determine its gauge. The higher the gauge, the thinner the steel. 20 gauge caskets are thinner than an 18 gauge, 18 gauge are thinner than 16 gauge. As you would suspect, the lower the gauge, the more money it costs to make and therefore purchase.

Besides steel caskets, there are copper and bronze caskets. These caskets are measured by the ounce, meaning a 32 Oz. Bronze casket contains 32 ounces of bronze for every square foot of casket. The unique characteristic of bronze or copper is that the casket itself will never erode. However, there is no evidence that any casket will preserve human remains.

Metal caskets are most commonly offered with a rubber gasket and locking mechanism which constitute it being a “sealer”. All this means is that supposedly air and water cannot get in, however there is no guarantee that this won’t ever happen.

Wood caskets can be made out of poplar, aspen cottonwood, pine, cherry, oak, maple, walnut, mahogany, and veneer. Some cost more than metal caskets, some less, depending on the specie of wood, how it is finished, and the type of interior. Both metal and wood caskets can have different finishes applied to give them a certain eye appeal. As is the case with a car, the more attractive the type of finish, the more it will cost. With wood caskets, a hand- polished finish will cost more than a sprayed on finish. With metal, a brushed finish will cost more than a sprayed finish.

The material used for the hardware (handles) and interior all factor in to determine the cost of each casket. The bottom line is always the same thing. You should base your selection on eye appeal and budget or what would have appealed to your loved one-not on protection!

Finding the right resting place is important for every person and family. Do not settle for amateur products that would bring shame upon a final rest in peace. Buying caskets online you can get the quality caskets and urns you need and that your deceased loved ones deserve.

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