How to Create a Global SEO Strategy

How to Create a Global SEO Strategy?

Are you planning to start a global search engine optimization strategy for your business? If you are, then you are at the right place. With the help of this article, you can learn the proper steps to create a global SEO strategy, how to structure your website and effectively use international keyword research. Once your business starts to grow and you want to move to the global market, you might encounter certain challenges.

Using the combination of the right marketing strategy and SEO tools, you can make the process easier. Following the right steps will help in making your business a success in the international market.

Steps To Create a Global SEO Strategy

  1. Focus On Localising Your Business For Every Region

If you are moving globally, then you need to target each region differently. As you already heard the quote, ‘when in Rome do what Romans do,’ you need to follow this in your business too. You need to look for editors who know the local market and speak the local language. It will help you to set your goals and maintain the content according to the locals.

  1. Keywords Research For Different Regions

It’s important to understand that if a particular keyword is popular in your area, it might not be in other areas. So, you need to do your keyword research thoroughly and look for different popular keywords depending upon the areas you are targeting. When you move your business internationally, you have to use the keywords depending on the region.

  1. Determine The Structure For Your Website

Deciding on the structure of your website when focusing on international SEO Sydney is the most critical aspect. Website structure matters most. If your website is fully responsive and user-friendly, then the chance of ranking will increase.

  1. Translate Your Content Using Hreflang

When you translate content, and even if it’s duplicate, Google does not penalize you. After translating the content, it is ready to put them on the landing page. By adjusting the hreflang, you can tell Google which content to show for any specific country or language. Certain tools can be helpful in this aspect to help manage the hreflang code.

  1. Build Links In International Languages

It can be challenging to build links, but while targeting the international market, you should start creating links in the country’s local language in which you want to rank. Creating links in the local language will help you rank faster in specific countries.

How Long Does It Take To Gain Traffic Internationally?

When you start to use SEO strategies for your website, it can take time to rank your site. This is also the same for the international SEO strategies, as it will take some time to get recognized by Google.

It is not similar for countries like the United Kingdom or the United States, but it can be time-consuming. You can start to see the results of international SEO within three months if you do it correctly. Even if you start to rank on Google search results, you should make sure that you continue to improve your SEO strategy. It will ensure that you will remain at the top position by keeping your site up-to-date.

Which Countries Should You Target First?

After completing everything and forming the right SEO strategy, you have first to decide which countries you should target. Selecting a region will depend upon your business plans. While you can go to every region and country at once, it can prove a bit costly. You should make your plans accordingly and approach the markets with the highest GDP. You can go to countries like the United Kingdom, USA, Germany, Japan, China, and many other high GDP countries.

Choosing countries with more money is not the guarantee for success. You need to check if your products are popular in that area. So, you can use the help of Google Analytics to get statistics to decide whether your website will be popular or not.


Once you have a basic understanding of SEO strategy, you can find that it will positively impact the international market. It can take some time to learn about SEO. You can take help from experts to form an international strategy. It would be best to write down your ideas and goals to optimize them according to your SEO strategy.

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