Cost cutting without hurting your business

How to Cut Costs Without Hurting Your Business – 5 Easy Ways

Cost cutting without hurting your business

Taking care of the pennies so that the dollars can take care of themselves is easier said than done. Any business can find ways to trim their operating budget, but the balance between customer satisfaction as well as employee productivity is a tenuous one at best.

Luckily, there are a few ways that you can save money here and there without anyone noticing.

1. Cut Down on Your Bills

Each dollar that you have to pay for a utility bill or a service charge is a dollar that you cannot use to improve your bottom line. One of the major factors that drag down a small business is the energy usage of their facilities. Taking preemptive measures to ensure that warmth stays inside during winter and outside during summer can go a long way towards saving money.

Installing a better insulation system, such as double-ply windows to prevent heat loss to cold glass, will drastically reduce the amount of fuel you burn in order to keep a building warm. Sometimes it is more valuable to go green than to keep the status quo. A geothermal power line or a solar grid can require a large investment up front but will end up paying for themselves very quickly.

2. Eliminate the Paper Office

Though most people think of their small business as an exclusively digital environment, they likely still have to use large amounts of paper each day. Whether you need to put out memos or distribute leaflets or create signatures, the paper-less office still has a lot of paper that it goes through each day.

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You can see how much by simply unplugging the printer for a single week, so that employees use email and business servers to connect instead of using up expensive paper and ink.

3. Get Better Deals on Space

Unless you run a business out of your home, you likely have to deal with a lease for an office or a negotiation for a building. While this can eat up a lot of the yearly overhead, the good news is that it is a buyer’s market in the modern real estate world.

You can renegotiate a lease on office space at any time with the help of an attorney, so that you can get lower payments each month and free up more cash. What’s more, this does not affect either your employees or your customers and they will continue to work as if nothing has changed.

better deals in office space

4. Get It Used

There is a wealth of second-hand office equipment out there in the world provided that you know where to look. As businesses liquidate their assets for settlements, bankruptcies, or mergers, they willingly sell their old furniture and equipment for pennies on the dollar.

You can get used furniture for a fraction of the cost of warehouse dealers, often times after only a few months or years worth of usage.

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5. One For One

Not all your business partnerships need to be strictly one of dollars and cents flowing back and forth. The barter systems between corporate entities are alive and well. If you can negotiate the transfer of some of your company’s products instead of cash for another business’ services, you have cut down on the expenses considerably.

Better still, you do not need to list any of the received services on a tax form, since there was no money that changed hands in order to get it from point A to point B.

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