How to save a relationship, How to save your relationship from a break up

How to Fix a Dying Relationship

Time can erode even the strongest of relationships. No matter how much you love your partner, habits and circumstances can ensure that there will come a point where one or both of you reach the tipping point and you decide just to let go. It’s even harder when you still have feelings for your other half, and the urge to flee is constantly battling with your feelings and the knowledge of what you once both had together. If you’re thinking of calling it a day on your current relationship,but something is stopping you, it could simply be that the time has come to reignite those dying passions.

Take A Break

It doesn’t have to end up like Ross and Rachel, where taking a break leads to even more complication. All relationships need the space to breathe, and spending some time apart might be all that you need to reignite those dormant passions.

Talk Honestly

Communication and truth are two of the cornerstones of any strong relationship, and if you’re drifting apart, it could be that you’re not talking enough. If you’re feeling hurt by a lack of attention, let your partner know. The longer that you bottle up your emotions, the more likely that your relationship will fail. Relationships need emotional support at all times, and you can read more here about the best ways to reignite that.


There was a point where just thinking of your partner would be enough to make you feel like you were dancing on air. It might have once been all that you needed, and if you’ve lost sight of that due to family commitments, pressure at work, or simply not spending enough time together, then take a step back remember how your love used to feel.

Learn From The Good (Remember The Bad)

Learning lessons if you’re drifting apart is essential. If there are obvious faults in the history of your relationship, then don’t ignore them. Recognize them and take responsibility for your part in them. Learn from those mistakes and take steps to avoid them happening again.

Contain Your Anger

Everyone knows that making big decisions when you’re emotional is a bad idea, but it can be hard to control anger. All relationships have a fragility to them, and angry communication is very likely to be the thing that finally breaks you apart. Always take breaks from discussions if your anger is taking over.

Get Some Quality Advice

You don’t have to splash out on a relationship counselor, but getting advice is always a good idea if you want to save your relationship. Look at the relationships around you. Even the most loving and supportive relationships have their problems and talking to friends or family members who have gone through good times and bad times could help you get a fresh perspective.

No matter how low your relationship might be right now, if you don’t want to lose it forever, then you are going to need to put some work in. Take your hurt feelings and turn them back into kindness and emotional maturity, and your relationship could not only become better but become better than it ever was.

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