How to fix laminate countertop water damage
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How To Fix Water Damaged Laminate Countertops

Are you tired of damaged kitchen countertops of discolored lamination or the same old stain over your epoxy? We have come up with sure shot hacks on how to fix laminate countertop water damage. Just with simple techniques, you can easily repair your aging laminate countertops and refinish your kitchen corner once again. But if you wish to rebuild your kitchen countertop all over again? Read more. Caesarstone is one of the best manufacturers of the epoxy countertop, which provides – durable, high-quality, and versatile epoxy designs.

If you wish to repair your countertop on your own, it can be a little messy for you and time-consuming, still with no guarantee of getting the desirable results. Therefore, getting the task done by a professional is the key. Getting strong yet unique epoxy designs will completely transform your kitchen room at the least cost possible. In addition, it’s the best way to bring nature, warmth, and positivity to your everyday chores. And bring a welcoming sight to your kitchen.

Ways to fix your damaged countertop

There are various ways to treat laminate countertop water damage, scratches, and cracks. We have mentioned a few basic but result-oriented ways to restore your favorite countertop.

Minor damage – scratches, gouges, or chips

If your countertop has minor damages, it can be easily fixed with laminate paper paste or by using a matching colored pen. You can easily purchase these pens at hardware stores or any house improvement center at affordable prices. But try using a pen in an adequate amount to avoid overfilling the gap.

On the other hand, stains can be easily cleaned with baking soda and water or dishwater. Apply the paste to the affected region and keep it on for a few hours. Then, carefully wipe away the paste with a paper towel for best results. But if stains persist, try applying glass cleaner, acetone acid, or a little nail polish remover to clean the stubborn stain easily. It’s recommended to use a white-colored cloth to avoid getting cloth color on your countertop. But make sure you immediately wipe the acid from the countertop and avoid leaving it for hours.

Major discoloration – faded countertop, discolored with meals

If your countertop is discolored by spilling paint, any souse or just bored with faded look after years of installation. You can evoke your artistic approach, take a step further, and easily paint your favorite countertop. By adding the color of your choice, you can transform your laminate countertop.

Mottled look

To achieve a perfect mottled look, all you have to do is – use sponges and color your countertop by dabbing motion. You can keep repeating your dabbing until you feel the surface is completely covered. However, always remember your finish will depend upon good preparation work. Follow guidelines given below to achieve desired results –

  • Properly clean your countertop with kitchen soap and water to remove dirt or smudges. You can opt for a green cleaner or add equal parts of water and vinegar to it.
  • Else, you can clean your countertop with a wipe of denatured alcohol. But avoid touching it afterward, as you might have oil on your fingertips.
  • Avoid letting your kids or pets enter the kitchen for the time being.
  • Don’t forget to clean old caulk from seams around your sink and faucets.
  • Apply painter tape carefully where you don’t want the paint to line – sink, faucets, and backsplash.
  • Afterward, de-gloss the entire countertop with 100-grit sandpaper and smoothly rub it on the counter. Next, clean the residue with a tack rag and check the surface carefully.
  • Now that you are ready to paint, take the last measure – apply a good quality primer, and let it dry for almost 4 hours.
  • Now take good quality paint and carefully paint your countertop to have a fresh outlook of your kitchen. If you wish to have a darker shade, you can apply another coat. And leave it overnight for better results or wait for 24 hours.

Usage of epoxy putty

Are you wondering how to fix laminate countertop water damage with epoxy putty? Well, it is another common way to fix the damage, especially if the countertop has chips or large cracks (more than 1/8 inch). Simply apply a two-part epoxy putty and efficiently cover the gap. Afterward, let it dry thoroughly, then sand the putty for a smooth finish.

Getting brand new countertop

You cannot repair laminate countertop water damage if it is severe. So, it’s time to get your new epoxy countertop. Various countertops are available with a handful of designs and a wide range of colors.

Ideal countertops for your kitchen

If you feel repairing your countertop on your own is too much work for you, you can redesign your epoxy countertop or laminate it with professionals. Below we have shared things to consider while searching your ideal counter for your loved corner – kitchen.

The self-leveling surface of the counter

A smooth epoxy counter will result in a quieter kitchen and makes it easy for you to clean. Plus, it will reflect a glass finish to your kitchen and create a welcoming aura around.

Epoxy that has toxic-free material

Well-known manufacturers like Caesarstone work with genuine epoxy for kitchens. Professional manufacturers understand the importance of non-toxic material for kitchen countertops; hence, they offer more organic material so that you can cook without worrying about your meal getting infused with any toxic acid.

Resistant to higher temperatures

An ideal epoxy countertop should be capable enough to handle higher temperatures. For example, your countertop will expose utensils filled with hot food while cooking, which can otherwise damage your countertop over the years if not made with heat-resistant material.


Hopefully, our article on how to fix laminate countertop water damage was informative and helpful in guiding you regarding different ways to repair your favorite countertop. Else replace it with a personalized countertop designed with a professional approach and kitchen-friendly material. So, before spending your hard-earned money, let an expert take charge and provide you with an ideal countertop.

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