How to Maintain Your Business Outdoor Signs

Outdoor signs are exposed to everything that can decrease their quality: harsh weather, dust, animal waste, and human interaction. If you want to keep your outdoor signs clean, attractive, and free from damage, you’ve got to pay special attention to their maintenance.

Here are the most important maintenance practices that you should know to keep your outdoor signage in the best shape possible (and avoid unnecessary repair and replacement expenses).

1. Know the proper way to clean signage

Certain types of signage require specific methods of cleaning. For example, custom car magnets should be cleaned with a wet paper towel. Smudges on metal signs can be removed with small amounts of isopropyl alcohol. Wood signs can be washed with warm water and laundry detergent or wiped with a wet, soft cloth. And so on. Knowing the proper way to clean your outdoor signage will ensure that you don’t inadvertently damage them and make cleaning much more efficient.

2. Don’t use a pressure washer

Even if your sign is made out of super durable material, it’s not a good idea to use a pressure washer on it. The water pressure can wear away the material, chip off paint, or loosen any elements that may be attached to it. Instead, wash the sign with good ol’ soap, water, and an appropriate cleaning tool. If you are tempted to use the pressure washer because of stains, find another way to remove them, such as using a stain remover or repainting over the area.

3. Clean your signs regularly

Regular cleaning is the best way to keep your signs from looking grimy. And unless your business is going for a purposely unkempt aesthetic, grimy signs make your building seem older and dirtier than it really is, which can turn customers away even before they make it inside.

That said, make it a point to clean your signs regularly. The frequency with which you should clean depends on the material your signs are made out of, the level of pollution in your area, and the amount of time it takes to look visibly dirty again. A good rule of thumb is to deep clean your signs at least once every season and do surface cleaning twice a month or as needed.

Business Outdoor Signs Maintenance

4. Spray pesticides

Unless your sign maker tells you not to, spray pesticides on outdoor signs that tend to attract spiders. Doing this will help prevent the formation of spider webs, which can collect dirt, dust, and other pests on your sign.

5. Protect your signs

When applicable, add a layer of protection for your signs to help them last longer and reduce the frequency you need to clean them. For instance, wooden signs last longer with a finish or varnish. On the other hand, painted signs are more durable when the paint used is high-quality and more weather-resistant. It’s also a good idea to invest in some form of shading material to protect your signs from the elements. Ask your sign manufacturer for best practices when it comes to protecting your signs from the harshness of the outdoors.

6. Trim trees

Be sure to trim overhanging trees to avoid leaves and sap from accumulating on your signage, as well as prevent the greenery from blocking it. It’s best to have a professional tree care expert to do this as dealing with overhanging branches can be hazardous if you do it on your own, especially if the tree is in the middle of the street with people passing through.

7. Clean electrical components

Excess dust and dirt can cause electrical components to overheat and eventually break. To prevent unnecessary repairs or replacements, don’t forget to clean the internal electrical components when cleaning your sign. If you are unsure about cleaning the inside and outside of your sign, hire a professional cleaning company or an individual contractor specializing in cleaning signs.

8. Watch out for signs of damage

Don’t ignore rust, cracks, chips, and other signs of damage. Even if they appear insignificant for now, they can eventually evolve into an even bigger problem. While the damage is still small, find a way to prevent the problem from getting worse and potentially causing a bigger repair bill. Once you spot signs of damage, find a sign repair specialist or take care of the damage yourself using appropriate DIY measures.

Outdoor signs, like other components of a business’ exteriors, can be tricky to manage. But with these tips, maintaining your outdoor signs will definitely be easier and more effective than before.

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