First Vacation as a Couple

How to Make Your First Vacation as a Couple a Success

Instagram lied. Couples’ vacations are awesome, but they are not as smooth as filtered Instagram photos make them to be. Social media seems to give people unrealistic expectations of what to expect in real life. Your glossy Instagram feed is not telling the full story.

While you will definitely have lots of fun during your vacation with your partner, failing to prepare for it adequately can lead to some undesirable experiences that can take your overall experience down a peg.

A vacation together is unlike anything else you have ever done with your partner. You might not have spent so many consecutive days together where every minute is spent pretty much next to one another. Even if you live together, obligations such as work, school and grocery shopping ensure that you spend a significant amount of time away from each other.

The situation will be totally different when you finally go on a vacation together. Since you enjoy each other’s company, this won’t be an issue. Nonetheless, you want to have a successful and fun vacation with your partner; preparing for every eventuality is a sound decision.

Eliminating the Sources of Arguments

Being happy usually revolves around whether your expectations have been met. In the case of a vacation, when the reality is very different from the pictures of an ideal vacation you hold in your head, you will be disappointed however great your vacation is.

Nothing ruins the picture of a great lovers’ vacation as the two arguing over minutia during their trip. The two things that are likely to cause unnecessary arguments during your trip are money and the chosen itinerary.

If you want to insure your trip against unnecessary misunderstandings, discuss the budget and the general itinerary before you embark on the trip. Going on a trip with your partner when you are operating from two different budgets is bound to bring some problems. Further, where two people have different ideas on what constitutes a great time, one person is going to make concessions they don’t want to make and if such concessions are made during the trip, it ruins the whole vibe.

You want to agree on a budget and a general itinerary with your partner before you arrive at your vacation spot. You don’t have to follow the two strictly. Just having a general guideline will go a long way in helping you find common ground as you make decisions during your trip.

Expectations between the Sheets

You know we had to talk about it. Lots of sex during your vacation is pretty much a foregone conclusion if the two of you have a healthy sex life. But what constitutes a lot of sex? Well, whatever your answer, your partner might have a different idea.

Since vacation sex can make or break a vacation, it helps if you discuss the issue with your partner before you board your flight. You really don’t have to have a long serious discussion about it. The lighter you make the conversation the better results you’ll get. I

If you don’t know how to initiate such a conversation, just say, “Honey, you know we are going to spend a lot of relaxed time together. That means we might hop into bed and get the sheets creased a lot – like a lot. What do you think?”

Hey, it’s a start.

Your Accommodation Is Everything

The quality of your vacation boils down to the quality of hospitality you get from your host. If you have a crappy host, everything else seems to fail. Do your research and go with a well reviewed hotel or resort.

Finding a good couples’ resort isn’t that hard. There are several great resorts that have dedicated themselves to creating the best vacation packages for couples. The Caribbean is a good bet, just make sure you are choosing a couples resort, not a family all-inclusive. The difference should be fairly obvious just looking at the marketing materials, but trust me, nothing ruins a romantic vacation like a couple of strangers’ kids running around.

Your Accommodation Is Everything

Allow Each Other Some Space

Spending hours on end around the same person can be tiring. It doesn’t matter whether you are madly in love or not, everyone needs a few minutes alone. Spending time with the person you love is not work. Still, you need to spend a few minutes alone with your thoughts and to rejuvenate.

For a few minutes in the day, while your partner goes out shopping, for instance, you can remain alone in the hotel room. Or, if you want to take it a step further, you can allow your partner to enjoy solo travel activities as you do other things. Just communicate your expectations to one another, and that should make everything easier.

Instagram May Have Lied, But You Can Still Feed The Beast

You are allowed to do it for the gram. If everyone is flaunting their best sides, their vacations and the dishes they enjoy, why shouldn’t you?

Just be careful about how you use technology in relationships. It can be a fun way to share or destructive  way to share too much. Your focus should be on each other, and the positives, not your life and friends back home.

A vacation gives you a chance to take breathtaking photos of you enjoying jealousy-inducing moments with your partner. Men, I know you hate it when your partner asks you to take photos of her at the same spot with the same pose a thousand times until it turns out perfect.

It’s not every day that you have moments like this – take as many pictures as she wants. She totally deserves it.

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