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How To Pack Up Your Home For Moving Day

Moving is an exciting time in your life given that you are preparing yourself for a whole new set of memories! Your future home is a new and improved version of your old one, and you cannot wait to finally transport all of your belongings into it. That being said, you need to learn how to properly pack in order to do this. This is everyone’s least favorite step, especially since it feels like a chore. However, as soon as you learn how to be a more efficient packer, you will save a lot of time and even pick up a few organizational habits in the process.

Getting Organized

Start the packing process by taking each room one at a time. You can start making a mental list of the items that you will need to store away, and perhaps even consider how you plan on organizing everything in your new home. In doing this, you are also making sure that you are starting early and not leaving everything to the last minute, as this will also only cause you unnecessary amounts of stress and anxiety.


As you are packing everything up, make a point of de-cluttering and getting rid of items you do not need. If you have not worn an article of clothing in months, or you have had that same vase in your cupboard for the past three years, it is time to donate it.The chances are that you will not be using it in your new home and it will only take up extra space that you could use for something else.

Purchase moving supplies

No home packing is complete without the necessary moving supplies. Head to your local department store and buy numerous cardboard boxes, some tape, scissors, a bold pen, and anything else you think you may need. Consider purchasing a bag or two if it is easier to transport some of your items this way.

Take extra care of fragile items

Everyone has certain fragile items that are easily prone to breaking, especially during a move. Make a mental note to cover them in a lot of tissue and bubble wrap, as well as place them in their own box. Do not ruin your day by letting all of your Holiday ornaments, for instance, shatter, only because you did not take the necessary precaution.

Hire Movers

Now that you are all packed and ready for the big day, make sure you have movers there that will help you. Hiring these professionals to transport your belongings will not only save you time but a lot of hassle. They have a transport van that you simply do not own, and you would have to make too manyback and forth trips if you do not get their help. There are many movers available that you can hire, depending on where you live. If you are living in Chicago, for instance, you can get Corrigan Moving to help you out.

If you follow the steps outlined here, you can pat yourself on the back, as you are officially a packing expert that can face any future move with ease.

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