UCaaS Migration

How to Perform a Successful UCaaS Migration

Recently, many companies have taken to cloud-based digital communications. As you consider switching to Unified Communications as a Service, you should learn a little about this and how to make your migration successful.

Why Should You Choose UCaaS?

The big factors that have led to an increase in companies performing a UCaaS migration are the lower costs and increased flexibility. This flexibility has come in very handy as many businesses have started operating from home offices. It has also allowed companies more flexibility in their calling capabilities. For instance, cloud-based systems have allowed companies to replace landlines and desktops with laptops and cell phones for increased calling capabilities. This increased flexibility means that calls and emails are joined with video conferences and text messages. In other words, if your company traditionally operated off landlines, you will now have more opportunities to contact clients because of UCaaS.

It is also a good idea because it allows you to grow your communications department while taking advantage of the newest developments without worrying about paying for hardware upfront. This means you can quickly grow your business and reduce your cost of operating. Many companies have also noticed a higher return on investments after changing to a cloud-based system. However, the key to achieving these benefits is a successful migration.

How Can You Make Your Migration Successful?

The first step for your move should be to ensure that you have accurate records. This means gathering phone number assignments, deciding on a service plan, and establishing protocols for your employees.

After this, you will need to transfer all of your clients’ information to the cloud. If you don’t have appropriate software keeping track of this information, this can be the most daunting task. With a transfer from a manual records system to the cloud, you will likely have a large potential for errors and an overworked IT staff. This step will be much easier if your company has been taking advantage of an appropriate software system.

Then, you can test your new platform. This means ensuring that all the features you asked for are in your self-service platform and that all the information you asked to be transferred has arrived. It also means that you will need to make sure your employees have gotten their self-service accounts set up and can work from their remote locations.

Once your migration is successful, you can begin using your fully automated system, and your IT staff can focus on things that are more important for your business. You will also notice the lower operations costs that you face due to having an automated system. In other words, UCaaS will quickly pay for itself. You will also have to spend less time on your communications department and focus on growing your business.

If you want lower operating costs and increased flexibility, you should consider changing to UCaaS. By preparing for your migration, transferring your clients’ information to the cloud, testing your new platform, and using your system, you can successfully transition to UCaaS and reap the full benefits.

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