How to Pimp Out Your Yamaha Bike on a Budget

If you own a Yamaha supersport bike, it’s very likely that you will feel the urge to design the ride to your own taste. But the desire to design it to your own specification can be hindered by the expensive prices of accessories needed to really make it your own. To customize your bike to your own taste, you should follow these handy tips on how to pimp your bike on a budget. In this article, we will be looking at 6 cheap ways to customize your bike.

1. Make Use Of Stickers

The easiest way to design your bike is to make use of stickers. This action requires little knowledge; it is not time-consuming and it is not energy consuming. You can use as many stickers as you want, it all depends on your taste. The different accessory companies produce varying degrees of bike sticker packs, including options ranging from flowers and celebrities design to chevrons and motivational messages.

2. Repaint To Your Taste

A lot of Yamaha bikes come in different colours. Apart from the commonly used monochrome types of colour, there are a lot of different colours that can be used to pimp your bike here. UK based paint manufacturing company; RS Bike provides different colour options for your bike. You can check their website to try out a virtual painting of your Yamaha bike.

3. Acquire Aftermarket Grips, And Brake Handles

A good number of affordable aesthetic motorcycle mods can add a little bit of attractive appearance to bikes. Examples include aftermarket grips and brake/clutch levers which can come in a variety of different styles and colours to suit and match the look and style of your motorcycle. You can check out these Yamaha bike parts for perfect matching with your bike.

4. Make Use Of Decals

Making use of decals is also a creative way to pimp your bike cheaply. You do not need to go overboard before you can acquire decals; they are as cheap as it comes.

5. Tint Windscreen

Customizing your bike by colouring your windshield is wonderful. This would also lead to the windscreen complementing the frame colour of your bike.

It is also a more practical way of reducing direct glare from the sun. With the immense kind of totally different colours on the market and also the comparatively low price of screen colouring film, it’s comparatively straightforward to try and do a DIY tint.

6. Make A Custom Plate

You can also pimp your bike by designing your plate. There are varying fonts, backgrounds, borders, and badges to choose from when making your plate.


It’s always a great idea to spend some money to make your old bike than spending too much on a new one. Maybe it’s just a few parts that are needed to be replaced for your bike for perfect functionality and stylist look. You can choose from OEM atv parts. OEM parts are always safest option for any kind of bike you may have.

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