Tips to Prep Your Patio for Spring
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How to Prep Your Patio for Spring

Every year, as winter begins to die down, many people start making plans for how they are going to enjoy the lovely spring weather that is about to enter the scene. If you are lucky enough to have a lovely backyard complete with a patio, you will likely want to get some good use out of your outdoor space this spring.

Getting your backyard and patio ready for spring is going to take a bit of effort. Perhaps you took the right steps at the start of winter to protect your yard and patio from the colder temperatures and harsh weather. This would mean that you might not have too much work to do now that winter is finally drawing to a close. Even if you didn’t go above and beyond to prepare your outdoor space for winter, gearing it up for spring still won’t be too much of a challenge. You will want to make sure that your lawn and all of your plants get the attention they need, but it is also important to give your patio some TLC as well.

With that in mind, here are a few tips to help you get your patio prepped and ready for spring.

Start with Any Pest Issues

The first thing that you will want to look into as you start to get your patio ready for spring is whether or not it became the home of some pests throughout the winter months. Many pests and critters like to seek shelter under patios when inclement weather strikes. They can even use your patio furniture as shelter as well.

There are some key signs that your patio or patio furniture has been used as a shelter for critters throughout the winter, so make sure to be on the lookout. If you do find that you have some pests about, it is important that you do all you can to safely manage to remove animals and critters without causing them too much distress or putting yourself at risk of being bitten and prevent them from returning.

Clean Things Up

Once you have cleared your patio of any unwanted guests, it is time to clean things up. Snow and other precipitation from the winter can cause mold and moss to grow on your patio and any furniture that wasn’t properly covered. Your best course of action is to get a power washer so that you can quickly remove all dirt, grime, and moss from your patio and furniture.

A clean patio is going to be much easier to spruce up. If you have wooden decking, you might wish to re-stain it so that it is sealed and protected for the coming months. You can also replace any deteriorated cushions on your patio furniture and get a new umbrella or other sunshades in place.

With everything cleaned up and tidy, you will be able to start planning your first springtime get-together with friends and family to enjoy some good food and perfect spring weather.

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