How to Protect Your iPhone

Every smartphone user will want to prevent prying eyes from gaining access to their sensitive data and applications. While Apple has designed a rather secure iOS system, it is still possible for your device to be hacked by an intelligent cybercriminal.

It is, therefore, essential to make your gadget as secure as it can possibly be. Take a look at these top tips on how to effectively protect your iPhone.

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Update to the Latest iOS Version

To keep potential hackers at bay, you must routinely update your iPhone to the latest iOS version, including any smaller dot updates. If you don’t, a hacker could potentially find a flaw within Apple’s code, which they could manipulate to gain access to your personal data.

Updating to the latest iOS version couldn’t be easier. All you must do is visit the Settings app before clicking General> Software Update. Once here, you will be informed whether you need to download the latest update or if you have the most up-to-date version on your smartphone already.

Activate Find My Phone

Apple has followed in the footsteps of many forward-thinking tech companies, as they have endeavored to develop an exceptional PCB design. However, in addition to their exceptional in-built security, they also provide their users with the Find My iPhone feature.

Should you lose your device, you can log into your account via another iOS device on the internet, which will allow you to remotely wipe your smartphone, so a thief cannot gain access to your sensitive data, which could include your bank details, personal photographs, and text messages.

Auto-Wipe Your Content

Auto-wiping can be a great option should a person attempt to guess your iPhone passcode. For example, if a hacker makes ten incorrect guesses to crack your passcode, your iPhone device will automatically wipe all the content on your device, so you don’t need to worry about your data and applications falling into the wrong hands. However, it probably isn’t an ideal option for a person who regularly forgets their passcode!

Don’t Click on Unknown URLs

While Apple has taken steps to improve their gadgets’ cybersecurity, human error can provide hackers with an open door to your device and data. To avoid a data breach, you must avoid clicking on unexpected links via email, text message, or on the web.

For example, a hacker can create an email and website that might appear to be from a reputable individual or company, such as your bank, which could lead to you clicking on a malicious link that could provide them with access to your account.

Review Application Permissions

Many iOS applications will prompt a user to grant them access to their microphone, camera, or personal contacts, so they can fully utilize its best features. However, while the permission might allow you to take advantage of an app’s features, it will also grant access to your personal information.

While most apps will not manipulate this feature, it is a possibility. For this reason, you should review your app permissions regularly and remove any apps you don’t trust with your sensitive data.

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