How to Research Supplement Companies

How to Research Supplement Companies

The supplement industry is full of companies all vying for your attention. While you are working to become healthier, it can be easy to choose the first supplement that you find. However, that supplement may not be worth the money you paid. Here are some tips for effective supplement research that can help you with your health and wellness journey.


Much like you can buy an electronic cigarette online, you can buy supplements on the internet. There are as many companies as supplements available. Each one touts to help with a variety of conditions or deficiencies. The first place to look for a supplement is by checking out the company website.

Even if this is a company recommended by a trusted friend, it is always a good idea to do a little more research. The website should indicate how they source their material and what the company is about on their about page. Some companies may offer blog posts with additional information. Some also include testimonials from clients.


The Federal Drug Administration does regulate the supplement industry but not under the same level of scrutiny as the pharmaceutical industry. Each company must evaluate the safety of the ingredients and products they sell. The FDA wants to be sure that no company tries to sell the consumer on misbranded or misguided information.

While the FDA provides general oversight and cracks down on companies going rogue, there are some independent bodies that evaluate supplements. For example, the United States Pharmacopeia allows companies to use their USP symbol on products that meet their stringent laboratory guidelines. Symbols like these can help you determine how well made the supplements actually are.


Be careful when looking at a company website for testimonials. These are often curated by the company to show them in the best light. Otherwise, why would the company have them front and center on their website? To avoid only looking at these testimonials, which can be helpful, it is important to look for those testimonials or reviews by outside sources.

One way to do this is to do a search for company x reviews. When the results display, the company’s website may pop up first, but you can scroll down for additional options. There may be Google, Yelp or healthcare blog reviews on various products. Even if the supplement reviewed is not the one you are looking at, the review can still tell you something about the company. Once you have done this research, you are ready to decide if the company is right for you.

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