How to Style Different Types of Diamond Earrings

Diamonds are what many consider the cream of the crop when it comes to jewelry. Once you own a pair of diamond earrings, it’s really easy to style them with just about anything since they are so versatile. With so many different types of diamond earrings, you first will need to decide what type you own or hope to own and then start styling from there.

Different Types of Diamond Earrings

Diamond studs are some of the most common and popular types of earrings. These will usually just sit in your ear with a post. They are understated and classic, along with being beautiful. Another popular type is a dangling earring. They will hang from your ear and can be chandelier style or something else that hangs. There are then diamond-studded hoops. These are more modern and are like traditional hoop earrings but with some added glitz to them.

Where Can You Wear Diamond Earrings?

In the past, diamond earrings were only worn on fancy occasions but the rules have relaxed and now diamond earrings are acceptable for everyday circumstances. Since they work on many different occasions, you shouldn’t be afraid to wear your diamonds earrings whenever you want, even under less formal circumstances.

Other Jewelry to Pair with Diamond Earrings

Diamonds have a clear color, which means they will match anything. However, if you throw in too much additional jewelry, this will be considered a faux pas. When you have diamond earrings, you want to keep in mind that simplicity is key and you should give your earrings a chance to be center stage and keep the rest of your jewelry to a minimum. If you want a modern look with your other jewelry then choose silver jewelry for a contemporary and bold style. If you want to be more old-fashioned then you should choose jewelry with hints of gold. You may want to be careful about pairing diamond earrings with other types of gemstone jewelry. This can make your look be way over the top, especially for a more casual setting. Diamonds should outshine your other jewelry. If you do want to pair your diamond earrings with other jewelry then you should choose pieces that also have diamonds in them. You may need to be cautious with necklaces but you can get away with rings or bracelets, as long as you don’t overdo it.

Hairstyles with Diamond Earrings

The hairstyle you wear with your diamond earrings depends on the look you are going for. If you want a more formal look and want your diamond earrings to be the star of the show then you can choose a slicked-back updo. For a glamorous, more romantic look, wear your hair down with some select pieces pinned back from your face to show off your earrings. You can also wear your hair down to not draw attention.

Outfits for Diamond Earrings

Diamond earrings can really go with any outfit choice. Try an all-black ensemble for a more dramatic look and to allow your different types of diamond earrings to be the main focal point.

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