How to style saree

How to Style Saree in Everyday Western Life

How to style saree

Being a foreigner in a faraway country can be stressful on its own, and trying to stay true to your roots is even harder work. In all honesty, it isn’t that hard to blend in unless you’re trying too hard, or not trying enough. Just find the golden middle. And when you do manage to blend in, you still may get a side eye here and there, but that’s not really something to think about. You know why? Because most would love to have your guts and experiment with their style and juxtapositions of East and West.

We’ve always been suckers for exotic takes on regular, everyday outfits and with that in mind, we’ll always support the phenomenal Saree drama, and celebrate it for its riches of embellishments and the inevitable statement they bring along.

To all of you who are looking to stay true to your roots even when living in the West or to all of you who are looking to infuse your Western base with a little Eastern glamour, we’re giving you a few tips on how to do just that – successfully:

Traditional or New Age?

The eternal struggle for Indian girls is whether to go traditional or abdicate from their heritage? Even though you would look absolutely stunning in a Saree, you’re better off combining it with certain elements. Then again, if you want to seduce your man and show what Bollywood is all about, by all means, find the best looking Saree and get your groove on. Avoid doing so in the winter, because you might look good, but boy will you be cold.

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No Look Is Complete Without Accessories

Saree fashion

If you think putting on a dress is enough to pull off a great look, you couldn’t be further from the truth. Don’t forget the fact that you’re in pretty weird waters now; in the west, girls should have as many accessories on them as they can carry as, apparently, they are treated as more of a character traits than anything else. Now, this doesn’t mean that you should put on all the necklaces and rings you own as that would make you look too kitsch. Instead, choose a classic womens tops and tasteful accessories to complete your look, and to be the star of the night. You’re aiming to impress, not to dazzle; plus, you want to feel comfy all day long.

Mind the Color

No matter what you wear, color is really important; not only will it make a statement but it’ll also communicate the way you feel that day. With sarees you already have, you may run across a bit of a problem as not all designs and colors were meant to fit just your personal tastes. However, what you can do is play around a bit with color schemes and you’ll find what looks and feel good, and what classifies as an absolute no-no.

Feel Comfortable

Saree in western life

The whole idea of the Saree is to look gorgeous while feeling comfortable. Yes, it can look like you are wrapped into it like a burrito, but, if done correctly, you’ll be the star wherever you go. On the other hand, Indian fashion designers also suggest that you should choose shoes which match your Saree ensemble well. Even though you can’t really see them, you shouldn’t wear anything that mismatches your initial Saree concept. Don’t ever break the rule of fashion composition, under no circumstances.

Turn Saree into a Trend

Regardless of your roots, the love for a good Saree is timeless; whether you are wearing it to honor your background or just because you’re in love with the Eastern riches of material, color and embellishments, this is your time to turn Saree fashion into a trend – even in the Western world.

Experiment with fabrics, style pieces, combinations, combine the plain western and overdone eastern to achieve a jaw-drop effect wherever you go. Think of opposites and the way they complement each other, take fashion risks. Make it fun!

Looking your best and trying to wear traditional clothes will be challenging, but, not as much as you think. The golden rule is to be unique but to blend in quietly. Generally, feel good in what you wear, and you’ll impress everyone around you, easily!

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