How Universities Support Students On And Off Campus

How Universities Support Students On And Off Campus

Starting a university or postgraduate degree can be an intimidating process, especially if you are a mature or returning student who has not been in an academic environment for a number of years. It will help to boost your confidence and calm your fears to learn more about the various types of support and services that are available to students at the university you are planning to attend.

These services are all designed to help students get the most they can out of the education experience and get ready for life after their degree finishes. Below are some of the most important support services that universities offer students both on and off campus.

School advisors

Every university has a team of advisors to assist prospective and current students. Advisors can help students learn more about the university’s courses and give them a sense of the various career paths that are available to graduates. This is especially helpful for students who are not certain about their career prospects or who are concerned about being able to manage a course load.

Wilkes student services provide students with both on-campus and off-campus support, whether that involves providing guidance on degree paths, managing course loads, or getting through the course’s orientation. The support from Wilkes University actually starts before students even apply to the school, as prospective students can have meetings with admissions counsellors to learn more about the school, the course they are interested in, and the application process.

Mentorship programs

Depending on the university and the course, mentorship programs may be available to new students. Mentorship can be extremely helpful for students who are looking to learn more about the industry and where their new degree will be able to take them. Some mentorship programs will pair new students with final-year students or alumni who are already established in the field.

Health and wellness centers and services

Universities that offer campus-based education also typically have health and wellness centers and services for students. Health centers and clinics will typically have nurses and doctors in attendance to help students with any medical issues or challenges they are having. Increasingly, campuses also offer sexual health centers and wellness centers to help students practice safe sex and take care of themselves. Many wellness centers offer self-care classes in yoga, meditation and healthy living for students at a reduced cost or for free. Finally, most campuses also offer mental health services such as counsellors and therapists who are trained to work with young people and who can refer you to other forms of treatment.

No matter what school you are attending, if you need a certain kind of support, you should ask for it. School administrators are trained to help students, and they also know the ins and outs of the school and the programs on offer. They should be able to help you and refer you to the services you need.

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