Benefits of video marketing for small local businesses

How Video Marketing Can Transform Your Business

Most firms these days are familiar with the basics of internet marketing. Many business leaders, for example, are aware of the need for a website, and quite a few know how to make their pages rise through the ranks of Google. But fewer know how to harness the power of video, and that’s despite the statistics showing that video is increasingly becoming king: over 500 million hours’ worth of video are believed to be viewed on YouTube alone each and every day. This article will explain why video marketing is essential for a business, and how it can turn your firm’s fortunes around.

Meeting Attention Spans 

In the modern age, attention spans are getting lower and lower. One study, for example, revealed that while the average attention span in the year 2000 was 12 seconds, by 2017 it was just eight seconds. Video perfectly fits our brains’ need for snappier content: it’s the only major media format that moves before the viewer’s eyes, so the risks of boredom associated with text and even still images are much lower. For a business, this is great news as it means more opportunities to secure a conversion. Keeping ahead of this kind of curve may seem a bit of an effort to do upfront, but it almost always pays off in terms of the new customers it can generate.

More For Less 

With a plain old text box on a page, there’s always going to be an upper limit to the amount of information you can include. You might be able to write concisely, but you’ll always be restricted by an upper word count limit. In a video, though, this problem doesn’t exist as there are so many more opportunities to get your message across. This is because you can always make the most of the voiceover, the basic visuals and even the overlays that an explainer video creation tool can add. You can make marketing videos quickly using specialist yet simple online tools, and it won’t have to cost a fortune either.

Exciting and Modern 

One of the main benefits of using video, though, is its capacity to transform a business’s site or social media profile from one that looks a little drab into one that screams innovation. When your potential customers see a video, it makes them think that your product or service is one that keeps up with the times – so not only is a video an effective communication tool, but it’s also great for creating the image of modernity – and that counts for a lot in an increasingly digital age.

Video marketing, then, might not be the most obvious route to take for a busy business leader with lots to do, but it’s actually a no-brainer: not only are there plenty of benefits to doing it, but it’s also possible to do it quickly without having to invest too much time upfront. By using the tools available online, it’s even easier to achieve.

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