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How to Import .docx Document to WordPress?

Most of the people who write for any blog or site prefer Microsoft Word over WordPress default visual editor. The reason may be different, but most of us love to write in Microsoft Word. Of course, the very first reason for using the Microsoft Word is the style, formatting, and templates. It offers numerous advanced options to a user.

After writing a complete article or document, what we all do is that simply copy that article from the Microsoft Word and paste it into WordPress and then again we edit the article because the formatting and the style are no longer the same. It’s all that we all do but wait, have you ever tried to solve out this problem? If No! Then, don’t worry! Here is a solution to this problem.

What we can do is that simply download or save the document from the Microsoft Word to our computer and upload it to WordPress. When you download or save any document from Microsoft Word, it is saved in a .docx file and that .docx file could be uploaded to the WordPress.

Don’t know how to do that? Let’s find out:

Importing .docx document to WordPress?

To import the .docx document to WordPress, the first thing you have to do is Install and activate a Plugin named Mammoth .docx converter. After activation, you will have to edit an existing post or add a new post to import the .docx document. You will find the meta box of Mammoth .docx converter just below the post editor.

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Now, click on the “Choose File” option and select the .docx file or document from your computer.

After that, you will see the three different tabs for three different views. In the Visual tab, you will see the document exactly the same it will look in the WordPress. You will also notice that the style that you added into that document like text color, padding, background color, etc. have been ignored. It’s up to theme’s stylesheet that how the content will be displayed.

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In the Raw HTML tab, you can see the HTML that is generated by the plugin itself and in the Messages tab, you will see the errors or warnings (if there is any).

Now, if you are satisfied with the content or its style then click on the Insert into editor option. You will see that the converted HTML has been inserted into the post editor. You can also continue to edit that post if you want so.

There are so many advantages of using the Mammoth .docx converter plugin. The best part is that it doesn’t make any changes to the original .docx document. It doesn’t even store that on WordPress. Your lists, headings, tables, links, etc. will remain the same even after importing. For example, if you created a numbered, bullet, or multilevel list of anything like Best Hospitals in U.S., USPS Sunday Delivery, USPS services etc., it will remain the same with same style and formatting.

So, now you know how to deal with the .docx file. Simply install & activate the plugin, select the .docx file, make changes and insert into the editor. That’s it.

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