Why Ratings And Reviews For Online Shopping Stores are Important?

Though demographics of online shopping show that number of people who did shopping online has increased considerably and more and more people are leaning towards virtual shopping.

The growth rates are very high this can be estimated that by the end of year 2015 online shopping had grown by 85%. This huge growth is due to the fact that there were many new customers along with the existing one who bought goods virtually in online reviews and ratings important

No doubt the idea of shopping online is a very exciting especially for those who don’t like to be standing in queues or driving for hours to purchase. Online Shopping saves time, energy and money these are the points made by people who prefer shopping online but there are many who still take it to be risky and stay away from online purchasing. People say that there is no surety whether the product is genuine and good in performance when the one can’t even be touched.

Instead of just falling for “discounts” one should use common sense before purchasing. Few parameters if paid attention to can solve this dilemma of buying or not. One of them being user reviews and ratings. User reviews for particular products provide real time information.

I am calling them real time because these are generated by people who have actually used the product or holds information about them.  Before adding any product to your cart you must consider the reviews posted by other people. Ratings are the pictorial representation of how much people have actually liked the product.

Why Only Products?

There is no compulsion to check reviews for products but is a method to be certain about the product being purchased and the same implies to online shopping portals.

There are number of online retailers and they would keep on throwing more and more concessions to attract customers. But again instead of falling for massive discount coupons you must check out what people have to say about the particular store.

Where To Find Genuine Reviews?

There are number of independent websites that provide reviews, but big players of online shopping like eBay & Flipkart not only provide discount coupons to its customers, but also the reviews and ratings along with the product on the product page.


The highly the product is rated, more is its acceptance among people. If you don’t prefer to guide others with your good or bad experience than always look for products that are highly rated and reviewed by many as this would clear the picture as how people feel after using the particular product.

Why It Is Good To Be A Reviewer?

Although no one is going to pay you for reviewing or rating a product or store but the way you have been benefited by reviews of others you can also provide helping hand to others and also the reviews help the retailers and product manufacturers to improve and serve you better.

So next time make sure you review a product and store that offers you best or otherwise.

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